Jabrill Peppers "100 percent going Blue"

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Per Sam Webb, via Detroit News article http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20131217/SPORTS0201/131217001/1131/sports0201/Report-Michigan-recruit-Jabrill-Peppers-says-he-s-100-percent-going-Blue-

Seems like he talked to Brandon and received some assurances.  If I recall correctly, Brandon talked with Drake Harris not long ago and assuaged some that recruit's concerns.  In any case, great news and the most positive affirmation that Peppers will be in the class.



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that Hoke's job was in jeopardy. While I suppose Jabrill could have picked up the notion from social media and internet posting boards, I doubt he would give any credence to message board rantings by the fire-Hoke contingent. It probably came from coaches at other schools.

Leaders and Best 21

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Jabrill was/is more worried about the 7-5 record more than Hoke getting canned. Same with Shawn Crawford. If we had say a 10-2 season like we should have, neither would even consider looking plus we would have Hand and McDowell. Sigh. Hopefully we can win the bowl game and start sting next year. Go Blue!


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I don't think he really cared about the record this year as he thinks he is going to dramatically improve whatever deficiencies we have.  I think it was the fear that Hoke was going to be terminated that gave him pause. 

Go Blue in MN

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I wish he wouldn't preface all his comments with "I think."  "I think" significantly waters down the "100%" part.  If he was really 100% sure, he'd say "I'm staying Blue" instead of "I think I'm going to stay true and Go Blue."  That's more of a lukewarm sentiment than a commitment.

KC Wolve

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Is anyone a bit concerned that UM's top recruits are meeting with the AD to get "assurances" on the coaching staff? I don't follow recruiting that much so I don't know. It's obvious that Hoke isn't going anywhere next year or prob for the foreseeable future, but what if next year is a Trainwreck?