Izzo the Ultimate Politician?

Submitted by BlueLotCrew on January 18th, 2012 at 8:48 PM
Ok, first off, this is not a post about politics, so slow your roll. It is, however, a sentiment that I have had for a long time about the beloved coach of the Michigan State Agricultural College's Prison Deferrment Program. The local Michigan media as well as many national pundits, consider Tom Izzo an icon and a man of great integrity. The last coach to be thought of with such blind disregard used to coach the pro football team in Columbus. After watching last nights presser where this "leader of men" vomited all over the press corps with foul language and a lack if respect for the team that just beat him, I became enraged. His first 2 sentences took all credit away from Beilein and the boys when he said that his team "gave" Michigan a 10 point lead. Really? I seem to remember your team actually taking shots after each subsequent Michigan score. It just reminded me of what a pompous and arrogant prick he really is. It also reminded me of the first time I ever met him. He was on a "speaking tour" about 8 years ago and he paid a visit to my employer, Coca Cola. His motivational methods were absolutely embarrassing. After listening to this fraud curse and swear at a room of executives and sales professionals for 35 minutes, it occurred to me that this man had as much integrity as any other blowhard phony with a Napoleon complex and something to prove. I'm curious to know if anyone else had any insight into the subject? It will not surprise me when he goes down in flames and scandal. The only question will be if it happens before Thad Motta.



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The main difference between Izzo and Brian Kelly is a national championship ring.  The man's a jackass and always has been, but the media loves a winner.

Waters Demos

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I disagree.  Seeing as you're as honest as they come I'll respect your view. 

But the upsides of Izzo's personality and coaching are many and well documented, which makes me surprised at your post.  I almost can't believe that you attribute the media's attitude towards him as solely a function of winning, or that you think he's only distinguished from BK by his championship ring.  That seems a bit too much for someone as measured as you.  Maybe you know something I don't.

El Jeffe

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I'm not sure how measured jmblue always is. Go and read his nine million posts trying to convince everyone that M's offense was bad during Denard's sophomore year and you'll see what I mean.

As for Izzo, I tend to agree with him on this point. Look, Izzo is a strong flavor. When you win, that strong flavor is "motivational" and "fiery" and "passionate." When you lose, that strong flavor is "whiny" and "petulant" and "sore loserish."


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Maybe I was a little harsh.  I've heard a couple of unflattering things about the guy, but to be honest, I just generally dislike that personality type - the hotheaded, referee-badgering type.  He comes off as acting like he's the star, not his players (which may not be true but it feels that way).  But he's certainly been very successful, and if he were our coach I'd probably overlook his flaws.   


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Kinda sounds like Bo.
<br>The difference being that Bo would never be a whiney little bitch blaming his freshmen and saying his team was too tired playing the game. Or no matter how obsessed he was with Ohio State ever say that he "hates" them. Because he didn't have an incredible inferiority complex driving him.


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Bo had his hotheaded side, but I don't think he had the other side of that personality type - where they seem to act bigger than the team.  Izzo comes off as wanting to be the star of the MSU program.  Every Midnight Madness, for instance, they have him come in the arena in some kind of stunt - coming down from the rafters, or coming in on a motorcycle - like he's a god to them.  And then he's on TV every time MSU has a home football game, always getting his face time.  He seems very narcissistic.  Maybe it's just an act to satisfy the fans, but it rubs me the wrong way.


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The man has had his success. He's an intense competitor. He said things that were less than classy, but he doesn't coach my team, so I don't worry about it. I see him as a wonderful foil for Beilein. Beilein shows you how it's done--as good as anyone in developing a system, xs and os, and winning games, plus he's the embodiment of class.

NOLA Wolverine

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I like the flow MGoBoard has settled into. Each day brings us three new threads on Michigan State, and every third day we push out a "NO NO NO THEY'RE NOT A RIVAL!!! I'M SO NON-CHALANT ABOUT MICHIGAN STATE BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH TIME I SPEND NOT CARING ABOUT WHAT THEY DO!" thread to maintain equillibrium. Well balanced. 


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In the sense that Izzo's presser probably lived up to East Lansing's expectations, I was not at all offended or shocked. If you lose to Michigan and you're a Spartan, this is basically a scripted reaction. As I mentioned in a post earlier today, I am simply glad that our coaches choose the higher road in these situations.

That being said, the guy wins games and has built a pretty solid program at MSU with some undeniable success. Like many coaches in that position, with the media and his fanbase, he gets quite a bit of leeway. Whatever he's doing for the program itself, it's working given the record. 


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Personally, I can't really find many reasons to criticize Izzo. The guy has built a program with high graduation rates, no NCAA issues, players who stay out of trouble, and teams that win a lot of games. He's dominated us until recently, but I can't find fault with the way he's done it. To be honest, I think the admiration that he and his program have gotten is well-deserved.

Carr, Moeller, and even Bo were known to come off as bitter and curmudgeon-like with the media after losing games they thought they should have won. They weren't always cordial with their opponents. I don't really hold that against Izzo. More importantly, I don't really care that he didn't give us any credit because it doesn't change the final score. They'll get another crack February 5th on their home floor. Coach Beilein and his team will be ready.

Now Dantonio, on the other hand, is a douchebag of the highest order. 

O Fo Sho

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I think our fan base looking for reasons to bash Izzo is pathetic and I get a little annoyed by it. Personally I think it makes us come across like msu fans. Izzo may be a whinner, but who cares he is an even bigger winner that has had state on top for a decade.

Danantonio on the other hand is a complete fraud douchebag!


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I have been saying this clown is fraud for years.  I refuse to refer to him by any other name than "Asterisk izzo" because that title will forever be linked to U-M basketball troubles at the time.  His inability to win another one proves he cannot win a title unless it comes at the expense of U-M.  And I love it when lil brother rattles of all the final fours...yes, you are claiming 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best!  LOL!  No one remembers final four participants; they only remember the champion.  


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Sparty has a good basketball program. The things Izzo does that make me hate him are probably things that make their fans and players love him. He did seem a bit over the edge in this one, but so was I.


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my buddy who lives in Chicago and went Marquette (so a big east guy) text me after the game that " Izzo seems to have lost it. Sad.". so i think the rest of the world is starting to see it.


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I was hesitant to post this until I began to read some of the comments / replies.  I'm not sure how the board will react to my comment but here it goes...

To provide some context, I have a MMS group txt going with my So Cal Michigan buddies and one of them posted the " You Mad Bro" pic.  I thought it appropriate to share this story with them at the time...here is the story verbatim from our txt conversation.

"Having caddied for Tom several times in HS / college, I can personally tell you that he is an intense, highly energetic, talkative, cheap ($), grade A tool.  Even if I didn't like Michigan I still wouldn't like him as a person.  Ones behavior on the golf course will tell you more about them than at almost any other time.  It exposes all those shortcomings that most are very good at hiding.  I'm sure he has positive attributes but I just didn't see many in the 10 plus rounds I caddied for him or in his group.  That's well over 50 hours of one on one conversation and observation, just to be clear.  Oh ya and I forgot to mention...I saw him cheat a couple times! Serious character flaw."

Well, there you have it...Judge away.


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and I have never seen anything that makes me think too poorly of him.  I listened to the presser too and although I think that he was slightly disrespectful I don't think it was terrible.  He was just kinda rambling about the things his team and himself could have done better.  He holds his guy to pretty high standard and their basketball team doesnt have the same dirty play their football team does.  We really shouldn't be all that suprised when a rival is upset with a loss by one point.  



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I don't really care where Izzo was coaching, I wouldn't like him.  I don't like those kinds of personalities, the "aw shucks" act when things go well and the polar opposite when things go poorly. 


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It suggests two things-that he is losing his perspective and adopting the ego associated with other "star" coaches; and that he is realizing that the tide is turning as to who is top dog in the state. As a Yooper I appreciate what Izzo has accomplished but, as has been said "pride comes before the fall".


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I've just never liked Izzo.  He's cleary a hell of a coach that has built a top 5 program.  Of course he was aided greatly by the meltdown of the Michigan program in the wake of Ed Martin, but there is no denying he's had great succes. 

That said, I just don't care for his incesant whinning.  Much like I did not care for the non-stop bitching by Pistons players after every foul call.  Even though they won a championship and won a lot of games, their complaining got to the point that I stopped being a fan of the team. 

So its a trait I dislike whether its my own team or our main rival