Izzo, Hollis unhappy with reaction to Nix-Zeller incident

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@joerexrode: To summarize, Izzo wasn't happy with how Nix-Zeller thing was overblown, and Nix had no comment. #groingate

@joerexrode: Izzo on the tape: "You watch it, you view it. But I didn’t appreciate the way it was handled. For Derrick, I think he's been through enough"

@joerexrode: More Hollis: "I watched many different angles ...I can state with confidence Derrick played the game the way it is supposed to be played"

@joerexrode: Hollis: "There should be no perception that Derrick plays the game any way other than with a spirit of good sportsmanship and effort."



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 @joerexrode: Izzo on the tape: "You watch it, you view it. But I didn’t appreciate the way it was handled. For Derrick, I think he's been through enough"


Enough boxes of donuts maybe.


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"We all talk about the newspaper article (last week), he didn't rip anybody there, he just tried to talk about his players and use other things as examples. There's been no, again, my favorite phrase, there's been no 7-Eleven's robbed, there's been nothing done. He's done nothing that my own son I wouldn't want him to do." - Izzo, talking about Derrick Nix in Matt Charboneau's DetNews piece

So, the important takeaway here from Tom Izzo might very well be that if a 7-Eleven has not been robbed, then it fails to meet an important requirement for being a noteworthy incident. Bearing this in mind, it doesn't seem like Zeller had hard feelings (he wrote it off as another physical game in some interviews, which he seems to have a role in based on replay) by most accounts, so the why they would expend all this energy whining about it when others have moved on is very interesting and, dare I say, not new for that program. 


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Zeller is a punk.  Nix is a whiny bitch.  Hollis and Izzo are the ultimate whiny bitches.  Other than that, it was a nonincident, but the endless whining from EL is retarded at this point.  Woe is you, Izzo.

His Dudeness

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Tom Izzo is the whiniest of the whiney. Poor poor Tom. Poor baby little Tommy red-face. 

I just farted.

Seriously though, I'm drunk.

I do think Tom Izzo is a baby bitch though.


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Nothing to see here that 2 7th graders don't pull to get each other in trouble. Ridiculous. Even Dakich isn't screaming murder.

Second, Izzo's incessant whining is ridiculous.

Third, officials checking the replay 6x in the last 2 min of every game is ridiculous.

Play ball, quit whining, and treat it as a sport.


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Good to know Mark Hollis thinks punching a guy in the balls is the right way to play basketball.  I do think this has been a bit overblown as a story, but the fact remains tht Nix has a bit of history when it comes to overreactions, and it was a pretty blatant act.  Zeller may have nicked him on the other end of the floor, but retaliation always looks worse because it seems premeditated.  I do think people need to move on, but MSU acting as if this wasn't worth some discussion is disingenuous.

Smash Lampjaw

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if it is a shot to the 'nads, but-if anything- I think it mght have been an elbow to the solar plexus, with an incidental brush across the nether regions. Izzo seemed quite sad in his post-game interview, and mentioned all the "distractions this week". Were the distractions tweets, or #1 v. #5, or did I miss something?


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I was thinking, maybe a group of the Maize rage could wear maize jockstraps on the outside of their clothing for the MSU game, maybe with a sign:  Hands off, Nix!

Just a thought.


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All I know, is that even a graze to the nether regions can be enough to knock me over.  Even if it wasn't intentional, it still probably hurt like hell.  Nix and Izzo are some giant pieces of shit though.


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If Izzo is concerned about the image of his program maybe he shouldn't name a rapist as the captain of the team. Short of that, maybe he should just accept that his team will be viewed as thugs.

Ben from SF

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From an MSU messageboard...

"In one of the games during Kevin Willis' career at State (early to mid-80's), Willis was charged with a flagrant foul, a call Jud did not especially agree with.

During the postgame interview, with the cameras rolling and the reporters scratching notes, Jud continued bemoaning the call, going on about how it wasn't a "flagrant" foul. This prompted one of the reporters to ask Jud what his definition of a flagrant foul was, and the coach paused a moment, looked up, and then said (completely deadpan), "Well, I suppose if you kick a guy in the gonads, that would be a flagrant foul.""

Izzo and Hollis need to give Jud a call.