Izzo Excuses Thread: 2017 Edition

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Who's living in the past now?


Izzo: "U-M's seniors have lost 4-5 times to us, and they played with incredible passion that we didn't match"

— Minh Doan (@_minhdoan) February 8, 2017

Izzo says he's not making excuses ... but, 'that was seniors against freshmen.'

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) February 8, 2017

Irvin, the other senior, had a whopping 3 points. Bzzzt.

Izzo says his freshmen (Winston, Ward, Langford) didn't understand the seriousness of the game

— Minh Doan (@_minhdoan) February 8, 2017

Ward is from Columbus and Winston is from Detroit.

Izzo says MSU had a great week of practice, didn't show up on court.

— Matt Pargoff (@MaizeBlueNews) February 8, 2017


BONUS FEATURE: Jemele Hill's tweets from after Michigan handed MSU a loss on the gridiron back in October. 



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GG was pretty Amazin'

Holds many records still, including career starts (128), career assists (731), career steals (total and per game), career minutes, career turnovers, single-season assists per game, single-season steals (total and per game, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for both), single-season turnovers, single-game assists, and single-game steals


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I think.  Gotta think they'll drop to 9 or 10 seed.  But yeah, I'm not sure how the bracketologists are putting them so high.  They have a 47 RPI (before tonight) and a worse kenpom.  At least Ole Miss had good fancy stats.

No idea how they could be considered a top 32 team.  For a minute I thought maybe they could be discounting some losses from when Bridges was out, but they went 6-1 without him including their best win at Minnesota!

They've gone 4-5 since he returned.  One could reasonably argue they were just as good (bad) without him.  No idea how they aren't an 11ish seed right now, at best.

JWG Wolverine

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Thanks for sharing WD! So satisfying!

Now someone tweet at Jemele Hill about what she said in October relative to what happened tonight. Have a respect for her journalism and analysis...but that stops when she brings up Michigan or State. One of the worst kinds of State fans.