Izzo calling his shot. Guarantees win in Ann Arbor a la Tressel

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on March 3rd, 2011 at 6:31 AM

 The headline pretty much says it all. Last night after the MSU vs. Iowa game Izzo said "We're gonna find a way to win on Saturday and get you back where you belong: in the NCAA tournament," Sounds eerily like a guarantee Tressel made at an OSU basketball game about 10 years ago. Hopefully Beilien's boys can make Izzo eat his words. Here's the article link http://www.freep.com/article/20110303/COL22/103030695/Michael-Rosenberg-MSU-s-Tom-Izzo-isn-t-guaranteeing-a-win-just-promising?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

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It's not a guarantee. Just like the Tressel comment that's since been mythologized was not a guarantee. Saying "you're going to be proud of this team in the classroom, and on the field next November" is a pretty weak way of saying "We'll play hard!." It still bothers me the way tOSU nerds relate that anecdote, as though Tressel etched the game's final score on two tablets months before the game.

Urban Warfare

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It was more than that.  "I can assure you that you will be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the football field." 

Did Tressel explicity promise a win?  No.  It wasn't necessary, and it would be out of character.  If Ohio State loses to Michigan, it doesn't matter how well they played; they lost to Michigan.  There's nothing to be proud of.  Moreover, Tressel's not really the kind of guy to openly promise a win.  Not because he's afraid he can't back it up, but because it would be too insulting to the other team.   



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of his players mind that it is a must win for NCAA despite likely being in anyway.  Not a guarantee.  Has nothing to do with Michigan, just his own players mentality going into the game. 


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"We will find a way to win on Saturday" is not different when paraphrased as "We will win on Saturday someway/somehow" which is not much different than "We will win on Saturday using Play X and Play Y and Defense Z." 

To "find a way" is a means to the end, but he still guaranteed [victory as ] the "end." 

Pride something something Fall. 


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Please help!! I am going to be stuck in Columbus with my wife and friends Saturday for an early afternoon lunch date. I have gotten permission to choose a place to eat where I can also watch the game. Can anyone help me out with a good place to go?

It cant be too much of a sport bar, and has to be a place that will have the basketball game on. We will just south of tOSU. Please help! I do not want to miss this game.


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Sorry I am not a Columbus area expert yet, so I am not sure where everything is, and what it is called, but I know we will be near the Convention Center. Thanks to all for your input, hopefully this can help give me a great afternoon rooting for the Maize and Blue in Columbus. Not the first place I ever thought I would be trying to find a spot to watch a Michigan game, but I will make the most of it.


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Probably your best bet near the convention center is Barley's - decent food, good (and strong) beer, TV's. The Short North has lots of options, great food, but tends to be more ecclectic/less likely to have TV's visible from dining area. Convince your wife to sit at the bar and you might be in good shape. As mentioned, Arena District isn't too far. Options there would include O'Shaughnassy's and Gordon Biersh (sp?). One more option, a bit more of a drive, would be Gallo's Kitchen (Upper Arlington area). Great food, TV's in dining area. Just ask Tommy to turn on the M game.

Good luck, my friend. I'm commonly faced with finding Columbus restaurants where I can eat and watch Michigan athletics. Fortunately, the buckeye fan frenzy compels most places to have TV's available.

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How far south of OSU?  And are you looking for like a pub, or something fancier, or what?

If you're near the Convention Center/Arena District, I'd recommend O'Shaughnessy's.  It's an Irish pub style restaurant, very good food, great beer selection (I recommend the Dam Good Porter), and although it has TVs, it's not really a sports bar.

In the Short North, there's a bunch of places.  South of downtown, it gets a bit harder to find a good place that's not a sports bar, but there are a few in German Village. 


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If you really want to make the best of your time in Columbus, you should try The Thurman Cafe.  It is pretty far south of campus, but it will not disappoint you if you are into incredible burgers. 

It isn't so much of a sports bar as a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  I remember them having televisions there, too. 

Just make sure to get there early because there usually is a wait.



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this slightly scares me actually. the big problem with Sparty this year isn't their talent. they have big men lined up on the bench. maybe a little shallow at guard but they have talent. when Izzo got fired up and got that technical last night his team responded perfectly and ran Iowa outta the gym. He knows how to push buttons. He's been to final fours for a reason. He didn't do this as a spur of the moment type thing. He knows what he's doing.


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If you are, it could be very entertaining for Michigan fans to watch a "not fixed" MSU strut into Crisler with supreme arrogance.  If a team is too overconfident or arrogant going into a game and the other team sustains a lead for awhile,  the lead can suddenly become twenty points and the game can get really ugly. 

It would be great for this scenario to play out on Saturday.  It may be just the push Izzo needs to say "yes" when yet another NBA team comes knocking at the end of the season. 


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Don't see how it's a guarantee. Seems like typical coach speak.

It's a big game for both teams and the winner might make the tournament. Looking forward to it on Sat.

Plus it's on CBS!


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Is Valentine reffing that game because if he is I think I know what Izzo is talking about when he says "find a way" and I think it involves Valentine's bank account...