Izzo 'took too many bullets'

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In his post-stomp interview Izzo says he's "taken too many bullets not to come back next year," has a bunch of uncomplimentary things to say about MSU's fans:


Yep, Izzo's the martyr, not the women who got punched and raped, saw justice denied. All that was set aside while the more important business of his vain pursuit of an NC continued. Shameful.



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97.1 was great radio for once yesterday from 2-whenever Valenti goes home to his poor wife. There is a video of his rant somewhere.

My only issue with what he said was “no calls from Michigan fans is proof they don’t have a basketball fan base.” No Mike, it is proof Michigan fans don’t give a shit about your show.

Section 1.8

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One of this blog's moderation standards is "No Valenti posts."  It is a rule that I support.  Because I think that the audience margins for something like 97.1 are rather tight, and tightly-wrapped around a demographic that compares closely to the MGoDemographic.

Put more simply; I think that the MGoRule against Valenti posts is good.  It is good hygiene; and it might actually help in avoiding our steering any traffic to 97.1.

I say this as someone who's been critical of lots of board moderation in general, and crictial of a few (very few) specifics with the MGoBoard.  I have favored more relaxed political moderation, when it was directly related to intercollegiate athletics and the administration of the University of Michigan.  I got a reputation as one of the harshest Free Press critics here, and yet I was never a "boycott the Freep!" advocate.

Not so with 97.1.  I am a boycott 97.1 adherent.  This is not 'Nam.  There are rules.

If the mods took down a Valenti/97.1 post (I never saw it), I say good job.  And good riddance.



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And our jobs are so good that nobody comes into our offices to see what we've got on our computer and even if they did see MGoBlog it wouldnt really matter cause they all work for us.

Now....get back to your cubicle and minimize this screen before one of us sees you posting and has to fire you.


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I thought you set the Mgoblog time acceptance for everyone. I thought your replacement of smoke breaks with Mgoblog breaks was a good move to reduce healthcare costs and increase overall knowledge of your employees.



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Full disclaimer-

I don't live in MI anymore, so I have only a vague idea who/what Valenti is, which I take it is a sparty slappy. So I support all the snark about why Michigan fans don't/won't call him. But don't tell me it's because you're busy working! 

Numerous posters last week becried the start time of the the 1st game because they wanted to watch AT WORK where they could get paid for it!!!

I have payroll and labor costs to manage, so I'm more sensitive than most, I recognize - but if the Michigan gm happened to be scheduled for the noon-5 edt window I'd be all about ppl having it on.

But if I heard someone say they were pissed they had to watch it on their own time rather than during work?! Umm, yeah... PROBLEM!!!

I'm assuming these folks were just joking, but the thought fucking occured to them, so...


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izzo's 45 minute "poor me" speach and going on and on about taking bullets.... and not doing anything to change his coaching style or player usage.... i wanted to send him one of michigan warm-up shirts that says "talk less -- do more" 

wish i knew how to embed a picture...

rob f

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Tommy.... NOT!

Small-minded little "man" crying that he took bullets and expecting sympathy but unable to grasp at all the suffering of the those women who were assaulted while he did nothing?

I consider his teal ribbon to be nothing but a badge of hypocrisy!


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are not misconceptions, it is a refined narrative on the show.  Michigan fans call in, they just don't put them on the air.  They only take calls from select Michigan fans, those who are calling in with some crazy take just to get on the air or MSU fans posing as Michigan fans to try to make the fan base look stupid.  They could have had full lines of Michigan callers yesterday and would not have taken the calls because "no Michigan callers" is the narrative.


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If he knew our fanbase, he would understand that those that listen to his crap show just wanted to listen in to his meltdown.  We never know when he'll go on a rant about Teddy Ruxpin and H.R. Puffnstuff.

Also, Valenti didn't care about the Walton, Appling or Payne allegations when he talked yesterday.  He just wanted Izzo to own up to his terrible coaching job yesterday.  Valenti still hates ESPN and thinks they pulled a hitjob on Izzo/Dantonio.


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That's his crutch. Any time he has no choice but to give Michigan some credit for something, he always qualifies it with "but Michigan has the worst fans." Inevitably, if Michigan football turns it around this year, he will do the same thing with the football team.

At the end of the day, he's just another Sparty.


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So, when we assert that we’re not obsessed with State’s dumpster fire of a program, we’re liars (according to Valenti)...and/or bad fans.

But when we don’t call in to opine on their tournament shit show (out of a mixture of ennui and simple, contented schadenfreude), it proves we’re not fans.

I don’t think you can have it both ways, Mike.


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Michigan's fan base is bigger in every sport. My god what is wrong with that clown. He needs to stop spewing out falacies, like most msu fans.

Don't know who negged you but from me and probably everyone else on here, I want them to please come out of the closet so we can officially tell them to fuck off.

Robbie Moore

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Is not a good look. He is a very well paid basketball coach who is over the hill. Cash your checks Tom and shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear your sob stories.


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was a really, really bad look for him after that game.  Then he says that he would say to their fans that are disappointed to "find a new team."  My guess is that the Michigan State administration, or what is left of it, would disagree with that sentiment strongly.  I think that a lot of alums were tempted to do just that in the wake of the Nassar/OTL and could possibly be convinced if Izzo goes with that again.  He is not in a position right now to take on the fan base - they are truly lucky to still have one.  That is a very unwise tact to take if he really does want to remain the coach there, and his collective statements after that game reflect that he is not accurately gauging public sentiment.


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I totally agree it was a bad look after the game (not that I expected anything less) but I think he's doing a better job of gauging his base's sentiment then he gets credit for.  He probably doesn't care that nationally he comes across as a whiny, narcissist but to his core fan base (I'm including the local media in that group), he's just parroting what they already think about all the "bullets" he's taken.  I'm not sure they'd be psyched about being told to find a new team, but everything I've heard/read is that msu is going full JoBot in support of him.  


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totally agree with you, but we're talking staee here. Public sentiment clearly means nothing to the administration up there.

Their president FINALLY steps down after weeks of outrage against her only to have their BOT replace her with with good ole' network buddy John Engler. Their ad decides to retire (keeping his pension and athletic event perks) two hours before a blistering otl report about the school is released and everything keeps humming right along, nothing to see here.

That evil cabal of an institution that covered up for nassar for decades, turned a constatnt deaf ear to the women in the courtroom telling of the heinous acts perpetrated against them while on their campus and let slide assaults from the basketball and football programs all for the glory of on field victories has no desire to shake up the status quo.

Not for one second do I believe Tom Izzo is going anywhere until he is damn good and ready.



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Yes it is very dumb, but he isn't hiding like Dantonio.

I'd like to see a pole done on this blog on which coach is disliked more, along with comments. I realize that's a tough one, but Izzo obviously has more balls than Dantonio ever will.