IU tailgate/travel tips?

Submitted by mackbrune on September 26th, 2010 at 2:19 PM

I hope you'll indulge my first threat topic. Wondering who might be gathering in Bloomington this weekend, and where. (I'm not inquiring re M-watching bars in Indiana -- I know there's a list.) I'm hoping someone will suggest places on campus where MGbloggers gather to eat, drink, tailgate, and gather among the M faithful on or before gameday. And, just as importantly: any places to avoid? Last year, for example, my friends and I were basically chased out of a bar in Iowa City. I'd like to avoid such situations this time. In fact, maybe we should post a permanent threat re places to avoid.




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Uptown cafe on Kirkwood for awesome breakfasts (pancakes and homefries are awesome); Upland brewpub on W 11th has great local beer; a cluster of eclectic restauranta on Fourth Street near campus (Tibetan, Thai, etc.) They will all be busy on a game day though.
<br>Parking -good question. The stadium sits next to the basketball Assembly Hall in what is essential a mile-square parking lot, but I have never tried to park there myself. It's walkable from central campus only if you are fit and the weather's good.
<br>I grew up there and will take my son down to the game so I think we will make my mom just drop us off. (Note to self: require my Dad to wear Shoelace t-shirt to the game.)


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I attend IU and would suggest parking your car at the field across from the stadium it is only $15 dollars. Also don't worry about getting chased out anywhere IU fans are not that wild. They do tailgate pretty hard but could careless about the football team, if you do hapen to wander around the tailgate field sporting your Michigan gear I would avoid the frat parties they get pretty drunk and are known to throw items at opposing fans. If you are looking for bars to attend Jakes, Kilroys, and Nicks are pretty popular they are on Kirkwood. I suggest getting to Bloomington pretty early traffic is terrible around the stadium. Other than that have a fun day watching shoelace run all over the IU defense. GO BLUE


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So he doesn't have far to go, in fact if he weren't coming with us we'd walk from their house (it's only about a mile).  But for me and my kid it's about a 6 1/2 hour drive and it's boring as hell.  (Highlight is the Starbucks at Exit 102 on the south edge of South Bend.)

This is one of the best features of MGoBlog....it is the only place anyone will ever call me DUDE.  I kinda like it.

the_big_house 500th

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A bunch of buddies of mine and I are making the road trip up to Bloomington for the game. I'm hoping to see a huge blow out win for us! Indiana will have a lot of trouble with our offense and Denard.


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I have been to Bloomington several times and the Purple lot north of Memorial Stadium is a good spot to park-tailgate.  There have been plenty of UM fans there in the past and this year will be no different. 


Wolverine In Exile

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Came from Dayton OH so for us, it was straight across I-70 to the loop highway to the state highway down to bloomington from greenwood. Took a while to get there once we got  on the state highway... traffic was a nightmare. we parked at a Catholic church just north of the stadium... seemed reasonable ($15), they let us use their bathrooms and the hot dogs on their grill weren't bad. Big advice is for the way out... it was a damn nightmare getting out of Bloomington... we tried to go back on the saame northbound highway we came in on, but it was bumper to bumper all the way to Indy. Was told later on by IU alums that on the way out of town, take the state highway that goes east out of blomington, connect up to I-74 and go north on that to the loop highway around Indy.