IU Sophomore charged with OWI

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Per Twitter and other sources, Indiana sophomore Hanner Mosquera-Perea was charged with an Operating While Intoxicated early this morning.  It will be interesting to see how Tom Crean handles this. Does he come down hard knowing this is basically a lost season for them?



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he'll do whatever suits Crean at the time.  My comment was aimed mainly at the comment the OP made about how the season is basically lost.  If they were in the hunt for a B1G title, it may have a difference in the way he handles it.  To me, that seems quite like the way ohio would handle it.  But apparently, a few people disagree with me. 


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I'm unaware of any situation at IU or Marquette where he's had to really deal with any significant displinary problems with his players (then again, I really don't know much).  I do know that when he took over Indiana, it was a clusterfuck of displinary problems thanks to the previous regime, and those issues seemed to quickly die down.  That said, the guy is a complete douchebag, so I wouldn't be surprised if he takes this issue to the extreme in either direction (i.e. - overdisciplining instead of appropriately using this as a learning experience for the player, or severely underdisciplining said player).


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is a slightly lower charge than DWI. OWI is basically given when you are not driving on the road, but caught in your car while it is running (e.g., sitting in a parking lot in your car drinking while the car is on)


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There is no distinction between the two charges. Each state has its own verbiage associated with the charge. Whether you're passed out behind the wheel or stopped for a moving violation, the charge is the same. 


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The Indianapolis Star is running with it here - LINK

As for the specifics of the charges - yes, there are apparently two:

Mosquera-Perea was charged with operating while intoxicated and operating with a blood alcohol content of .15 or greater. Both are Class A misdemeanors.

"We're aware of it," IU coach Tom Crean said in a teleconference with reporters scheduled before the incident. "We're in the process of getting more information. It's a disappointing shock to all of us."

According to the report, he was spotted and followed because he was signaling left at an intersection where a left turn would have been a wrong turn onto a one-way street. He rolled through the intersection and eventually hit a curb. 


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of Crean from a year ago.  They see him as a great recruiter, but a poor in game coach.  Remarkable since they were B1G champs last year and #1 for much of the season.