IU releases new "We Are IU" rawk music video

Submitted by FabFiver5 on September 24th, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Maybe it's a State of Indiana thing? Not to be outdone by terrible ND and Purdue videos, the Indiana Athletic Department has released it's own RAWK MUSIC video highlighting a half empty stadium and a bunch of white kids rapping.






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Sometimes, bad publicity is still publicity. If you are desperate and, quite frankly, oblivious enough then it doesn't really matter why you are getting YouTube hits. Plus it gets your students involved to promote school pride, which I'm sure is always nice despite however horrible the end products turns out.

Guarantee that DB has been secretly pushing for a Michigan one for a few weeks now...


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These videos are stunning given they are obviously not the work of one, lone wolf ignoramus.

Individuals can get a pass for their occasional ignorance.  When William Hung proudly sings “She Bangs” like a lobotomized calf, you might forgive, assuming he’s the naïve product of an insulated household with equally ignorant, supportive parents.

Or when the bald guy at work takes that final 3 inch tuft of viable hair on the back of his bald dome and grows it ten inches for the mighty comb over, you might also toss him a pass as acting in ignorant solitude, with no one in his life honest enough to mention to him that the comb over is the self-clowning equivalent of wearing a soiled diaper on his head.

Ignorance, forgivable given the mental vacuum within which it dwells. 

But this?  The ND vid and its progeny are obviously the work of several parties.  Baffling.  With not one among them taking pause to consider they might be spawning the most embarrassing media product to ever emanate from said university.

This stuff is so bad, that if I ever saw one for the University of Michigan, I’d have to assume it was just MSU fans clowning us.  If any of you see any camera crews near Ann Arbor shooting UM students flopping around like Eminem with Parkinson's Disease, please maim and/or hospitalize the camera crew and steal the tapes for the good Richard Nixon, Baby Jesus and the almighty DB.


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I'll give Indiana that their song is vastly better than Purdue's. Indiana also appears to have one black guy...which is one more than Purdue appeared to have


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The worst part about this garbage is that I live in Indiana and am friends with a lot of IU fans who are already posting this on FB. They are loving this crap. I am in misery.


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It's not as bad as the Purdue one. The reason the school had this one made is because the same people did a basketball song called "This is Indiana" which is much much better and has been used during basketball games the last couple years. The whole idea of a IU football song is dumb and I'm an IU student who actually goes to the football games.


September 25th, 2013 at 9:23 AM ^

Bad, bad bad.  But I dunno, it just makes me feel dirty when a basically all-white group of people puts a single black guy out there to do a rap song, when, like, probably 0.01% of the adult Indiana fan base actually listens to rap.  It's like, "hey we're cool, we got a black rapper on our side, see we're with it."  Ugh.

Frankly, if they want to promote anything at IU, just... have a montage of the IU coeds, that'll sell your school plenty enough.