Its sounding like we hit a homerun with Iman "Biggie" Marshall" (& Jabrill moving to safety)...

Submitted by MDot on January 20th, 2015 at 11:11 PM the point where Rivals' west-coast analyst Adam Gorney is saying he's not very hopefull Iman Marshall ends up at USC. He's gushing about Harbaugh.


A lot of it is behind a paywall, but this quote stands out (I also posted in another thread):


Five-star CB Iman Marshall: "I feel like #Michigan is really going to be revolutionary."


Update - Jabrill told Iman he's moving to safety. Has been hinting it on twitter as well.



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Also of note, Jabrill Peppers told Iman that he's moving to safety next year, which is where I thought he was going to end up eventually, anyway. Not too many CB's walking around with that size.

He's been talking about getting up to 215 by the beginning of the season.


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watching replays of Charles Woodson when he was at Michigan and thinking he looked a lot bigger than most corners and if someone had told me he was up over 200 pounds I would have totally believed it. 

Seeing tape of Peppers running the ball in high school, I would love to see him running back a punt with his size and speed.


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He's building it, and they will come.

Best of luck to Iman, whatever he decides.

Here's to hoping he decides to be part of a dynasty, and one of the cornerstones of the best D since 1997. I believe that is what is taking shape, and those who buy in will never regret the decision.