ITF: Big news on Dee

Submitted by Mr. Maize on April 19th, 2010 at 1:14 PM

Rivals has a headline indicating there is some "news" on Demetrius Hart. It is behind The Fort paywall, though and my Rivals subscription doesn't get me into those parts...speculation?

My best guess has him going Blue. And we need him badly.



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already one thread about this and the MODs pulled it, why i don't know... but the OP in that one posted some highlights from the article and that might have been the reason why it got pulled... MODs can you explain what got it pulled???


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But that contract is full of obviously unenforceable, overreaching language about what you're "allowed" to do with the information. And aren't some parts of the Wed. Recruiting posts taken from the premium sections of Rivals & Scout? I'm not saying they shouldn't remove the info, since I think there are some sensible reasons to do so. But it just seemed like the mods were stepping up the removal vigilance a bit today with the Dee Hart stuff and I don't remember Brian fully articulating a board or main page policy about the information on premium sites. It's always been the case, as far as I remember, that Brian's asked readers not to copy and paste articles, but the underlying information has always been fair game, I thought.


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"And aren't some parts of the Wed. Recruiting posts taken from the premium sections of Rivals & Scout?"

No. If the information isn't freely available in the header of the post (the part that people without subscriptions can see), it's not in Wednesday Recruitin'. I'm not even a member of both sites.


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I shouldn't have given a link for premium info...I guess I wasn't sure what the policy was, "aggregator of info" and all. Just showing courtesy to rivals I suppose.

Just in general though...Screw rivals. They caught me in that "48 hours required to cancel" speed trap on the 7 day trial. Oh, and by the way, our office hours are noon to 12:05 M-W.


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I'd love if Dee committed. However, RB, IMO, is far from a need right now. Get me 4 OL stat. I was disappointed we didn't get a Zettel commit out of the game.


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I posted this earlier in a now-buried thread, but Sam Webb gave a positive report of Hart's visit on this morning's recruiting roundup at WTKA. While he didn't say anything about a commitment (or a gut feeling), he did talk about Hart attending the BBQ, accompanied this time by his father.

Podcast can be found HERE.


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When Sam was talking about Hart this morning, he started out with a preamble that made me momentarily think he was going to issue one of his gut feeling calls, but it ended up being that Hart and his dad were coming back for the BBQ. However, the way Sam talked about it made it clear that this return visit for the BBQ was a big, big deal. FWIW...


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Or are the mods just upping the enforcement of an old rule against posting premium information? I get that you don't want people copying and pasting the posts from the premium sites, and maybe when you're as large as MGoBlog professional courtesy places a larger role, but are Tim & Co. going to be deleting posts that merely paraphrase facts that are behind a paywall? That seems new to me.


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No offense and I'm sure it was pretty offensive to rivals(as this thread probably is) but that is the very first time I have heard that. It's not listed in "Ethics", "FAQ", or "MGOboardFAQ". One could view it as common sense I suppose...


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If the information is important it will get out, as pretty much everyone who has a subscription to rivals or scout disseminates the "insider" info fairly quickly.

That's why I don't have a subscription, because I feel it's fairly worthless, as any and all important info is readily available without me paying some ridiculous fee to find out some little tidbit of info a few minutes before everyone else knows.


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There's no point in trying to preserve the secrecy of major developments since they are going to be out there almost instantly anyways. Everyone who cares knows what the information is by now since it gets posted on other, smaller boards and Hart can easily tell anyone else what he's doing. Sites like scout and rivals charge subscriber fees in an attempt to keep secret what can't be kept secret. Mgoblog shouldn't bend over backwards to protect this questionable business model. If these sites want to make money, then they should do what people like Brian do and provide quality and insight along with the nuts and bolts information that comes out.


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Maybe I'm naive, but how is it that premium sites claim to own this information in the first place? If Demetrius Hart "leaked" info to Rivals/Scout, wouldn't common sense dictate he doesn't mind if that info worked its way into the mainstream? Certainly Dee doesn't only want to share his plans with those people who pay for a Rivals/Scout membership--a membership that is of no consequence to him personally. I understand if the services do their own investigating and reporting, but in cases where athletes just volunteer information, the whole "ownership of information" seems strange. I'd be interested to hear if I am missing something.


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as we say in the biz. All the "hot news" doctrine cases involve companies in direct competition with each other. A bunch of schmoes running over here to post information they found on Rivals is highly unlikely to trigger any of these issues, especially so if they're commenting on it as well.


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Arguably, Brian is in direct competition with Rivals/Scout. Both offer developing information related to the University of Michigan football program for profit, and both target a similar readership to earn that profit. While Joe Schmoe spreading the information may not be liable for misappropriation under the "hot news" doctrine (just breach of contract), Brian is potentially exposed. This might explain the hasty mod redactions.


April 20th, 2010 at 1:43 PM ^

Decent point, although I still think his level of legal exposure is really low. That being said, I understand why he might want to be strict about it since this is his livelihood and the people looking for the hottest news aren't exactly the market he's trying to serve.