It is still the OL

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This topic was created to exemplify what the true issue is the substandard offensive line. It is not the wrs or even the QB.... It fully and finally hit me last night when I see Bredeson get blown off the ball for a sack. These guys we have look undersized as a whole, most look out of position, some shouldn't even be starting. Bill Martin's fiasco is still paying hurt dividends at the OL, and we still have not returned to a Michigan quality line that we had from Bo through Carr. We have Cole small and out of position at LT. Bredeson is lumbering and wouldn't be playing yet. Kugler wouldn't be starting, Onwenu would be considered out of shape and on bench. And this hole at RT. WOW. Total fail. Watching the game,the pocket repeatedly getting pushed into OKorn before throwing. This reminded me of Brady super bowl loss when he couldn't get a clean pocket. At beginning of year someone here was panicking about the OL, to which I referred to Harbaugh history at Stanford implying to give him benefit of doubt. When the poster freaked out about not getting a grad transfer, I again said give them the benefit of doubt. Well I was wrong, and I apologise to whoever it was. Now it appears that Drevno cannot recruit nor understand the big uglies in the Midwest to pursue, or that the players he got at Stanford were very heady enough to make grade there and the ones he is getting are not. This OL is the sole issue, and with a typical Michigan line of old, we would be 7-0. Getting Frey seems to be the right thing and it will take a few years before these recruits fill out, as watching the Indiana game their OL looked more like our old lines than ours. Our current personnel rearrangement to have a Michigan OL again is to put Freys tackle recuits at Tackle, Cole at LG. Ruiz At C. We are years away from this.



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7 sacks yesterday and could have been 15.

Speights regression started after losing Newsome. 

Yesterday Okorn avoids sack rolls out hits Crawford down to psu's 49 35 seconds till half, holding on play. 2 weeks earlier Okorn avoids sack, rolls out n hits Crawford for a huge Td . Flag-holding.

3 weeks ago Speight gets hit by 2 unblocked Boilers. 3 cracked vertabrae its still the Qb's.



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Do our offensive linemen even lift? They look physically weak and less powerful than defensive linemen of good teams. They aren't the maulers that Stanford had under Harbaugh.


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it's Pep, Drevno, Jaybaugh as RB coach, lack of a legit WR coach, young WRs, OL, OL recruiting, two OC's for some reason, no college OC, bad playcalling, bad luck, refs not calling holding EVER, bad QB play, an NFL complicated offense for no reason, multiple OL schemes in direct conflict,...............did I miss anything?


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The OL just does not look the part.  They got some big bodies in the '17 class.   What bothers me the most about this whole situation was the '16 class.  I know Devery was a late decommit but there should have been 8ish OL in that class as opposed to 3.


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If you go back to the 2013 class, guys who royal all be 5th year seniors this year you see Patrick Kugler, Kyle Bosch, Dave Dawson, Chris Fox, Logan Tyler-Tillman, and Dan Samuelson. Only Kugler is still on the roster, and based on his profile he should have been more than a 1 year default starter. That’s missed on all 6. 0 for 6.

In 2014 Michigan only took Cole and JBB. Cole had his redshirt burned and is playing out of position. And JBB is below average. That’s 1-1 on hit/miss.

In 2015, your 3 year players; Michigan took Grant Newsome, Jon Runyan Jr, and Nolan Ulizio. Newsome had a devastating injury last year. Runyan is the 6th man on an awful line. And Ulizio is terrible. For this team, that is 0-3.

1-11 does not an OLine make. It’s a huge recruiting hole. Now add in the fact that Drevno can’t close with Devery Hamilton and Isaiah Wilson. Or lure an Alex Leatherwood. And you have a disaster. Then they left Swenson in the class too long and it hurt other recruiting efforts.

The Line problems come down to Hoke and Drevno. It’s bad.


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I wholehearted agree and you laid out the argument well. Here's another way to summarize the o-line recruiting: *wet fart noise*. Hear me out. Some fart noises are big (like the class of 2013), some are small (like the class of 2014) and just like a wet fart, whomever sits in the seat next will blame the person who occupied it before them and claim it will take years to clean up.

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Since the PSU game last year - UM is 6-5


all 5 losses have been to teams with .500 or better winning %


Harbaugh is becoming a laughing stock of the media and UM the butt of jokes ....again ...sadly


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Great post. Just remember not to compare Harbaugh’s third year to anyone else’s. It’s also important to point out that what Harbaugh walked into was MUCH, MUCH worse than what PSU and Franklin were still dealing with at this point last year.


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you would know that not every elite program develops at the same rate. It took Bobby Bowden a decade to build FSU into a superpower. It took Swinney nearly that long with Clemson.
For Saban and Meyer it did not.

Secondly, I don’t think you or any other inpatient fan understands how bad the OL and QB situations were when Hoke left. JH’s initial OL class did not help either. QB development can sometimes take awhile to happen.
Dantonio did not get his first top shelf QB until 2010 his first fourth season.

This was always a rebuild season. Anyone who looked at what UM lost and what they were bringing back could see that. Your dissatisfaction stems from an irrational belief that UM should be better than what they actually are.