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After watching yesterday's AA game an seeing some of the talent that Michigan is now going to miss out on a thought crossed my mind.

I wonder if DB had under estimated just how loyal those big name recruits, we were all hoping for, were going to commit to Michigan because of RR and not because of the school and it's tradition. I know DB said that "The School" is more important then one year or a few recruits but it seems to me that this situation is going to effect more then just one year as recruiting classes can potentially have a four year impact. As much as people say RR didn't focus on defense the way I see it is his first FULL year recruiting he went after players to play in his style offense and this was his second full year of recruiting and look at who we may have had coming: Zettle, Lyons, Walls, and Frost who are now committed to other schools and guys like Crawford, Countless, and Breyer who are still coming to Big Blue.

Again back to my original point I am left to wonder if DB thought he or the next coach could keep the recruiting class together because of us being Michigan. Instead we are now finding out that the kids were indeed committed because of RR and his staff. Any thoughts?



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I understand that a lot can still change between now and signing day, but guys like Frost and I believe Zettle have already mentioned that the CC has really eliminated Michigan. I have been a life long Michigan fan and do hope that things go better then they have so far but it is just very dissapointing to see the Michigan hat left on the table twice yesterday specially on one recruit who was rumored to be a silent commit all along.

James Burrill Angell

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If Les is the new coach (or if Harbaugh was) you likely assume you had a reasonable opportunity to retain many of those guys. Both are solid recruiters. I still stand behind that belief if Les is hired SOON (not if this keeps dragging out).

Seems like that may be the case. Rivals is reporting that those parties that objected to the hiring of Les three years ago have "signed off" on the hire.  Guess this is now going to end in Les' hands to say yes or no.


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Please don't refer to Michigan as Big Blue.


Edit: And I'm hard pressed to believe that DB didn't realize this was going to have a significant impact on recruiting.

James Burrill Angell

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Inevitable that guys who feel invested in a coach are going to have some second thoughts after the coach that recruited them got let go. However, you hope on some level that they were also sold on the school and those that were will stay if you can bring in a coach thats to their liking.


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But a lot of these kids want stability too. Going to college is the biggest transition all of them have had up this point in their lives. The coach that recruits you almost feels like family to a lot of these kids, so divorcing him always creates custody issues.

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This would have been RR's third 'full year" class, not second. And I'm sure Brandon knows that some in the class were wedded to RR much more than to Michigan, while a few were the opposite.


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Announce the head coach tom. Just like florida and the heisman ceremony. All about branding. They will be talking about it throughout the ncg. Branding or brandoning so to speak?


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Kids, whether recruits or kids already on the roster, are going to tell authority figures who have just pulled their world out from under their feet exactly what they want to hear to get them to STFU and GTFOD.  But the minute the authority figure leaves, the real feelings come out.  I find it ironic that DB said (in not so many words) that players' loyalty to the coach would be one of the factors he used, but has totally ignored it in making his "decision."

David Brandon is now in the unenviable position of having to hire a coach who can undo the damage he has done to the program and this recruiting class, while being or at least appearing to be loyal to Brandon, who of course is the person who did the damage in the first place.  If it's not a spread guy, it will have to be a master manipulator. 

That is one of the reasons I won't be too sad if Chucky ends up being hired: he can "out-Brandon" Brandon and make everybody, from media and fans to players and recruits, like him while he does it.  And by the time his act gets tiresome, there is a guy named Harbaugh who should finally be ready to "come home."

That works out to about a five year shelf life.  And by the end of those five years, there won't be such a dichotomy between pro set and spread; they will have influenced each other to where many offenses in both college and the NFL are hybrids taking from both.  There is already one in New England, for example. 

I am expecting that Harbaugh will be on top of the trend by then.


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DB can coach the team!  Barry was both coach and AD for WI a few years back. All DB would have to do is hire he best spread OC and best DC in the country.


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"Losing" the fickle recruits of the wrong coach using the wrong system is not a loss.

That said, I sort of feel for Dee Hart, future third stringer for Saban.  Greyshirt city.

He will do well as a gunner on punt coverage, though. 


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with a new coach signing a long term deal.  Many recruits saw a tarnished image of the Michigan brand, a coach who had one year to right the ship, and we all know RR fate.   As a result, some kids that had an interest in Michigan looked elsewhere.  Some of these kids who were not even on our recruiting radar, may re-consider, I think with a name coach our recruiting class may even be stronger.  Obviously, Dee Hart for example, is lost, but the class overall may suprise us.....

DB my marriage needs you to sign a coach......soon


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I now know why all the disdain for Les Miles. Why all the love for Gruden? I see a guy like that as a total wild card who doesn't think long-term at all, and would leave at the drop of a hat for a better offer. I don't think he has to have Michigan ties per se, but a respect for our traditions is important. Can a guy like Gruden offer that? 


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A good coach will bring recruits. 1 recruiting year is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.....getting the right coach is.


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Yeah it is pretty sad and tiring. I've read that Blake Countless might be re-evaluating which sucks. I hope we can get this settled before we lose all hope for this class.