It has been two calendar years since MBB lost consecutive games

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The last time they lost consecutive games was in February, 2017

Last time I made a post about Simpson's record as a starting PG, and we lost to Iowa, so hopefully this doesn't bring the same bad luck :)



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Why do I envision the OP being one of those guys who posts "Upset alert" threads when a team we dont like is behind late in a game thereby assuring said team will mount an amazing comeback and win the game?


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Even with this team currently at 21-2 with only about five weeks or so of regular season play left, if we lost two in a row down the stretch, there would definitely be a few people who would grow impatient with John Beilein as a result. 


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My apologies in advance if I jinx Michigan's entire season by writing this...

but Z is 11/12 from the free throw line in his last four games and 19/24 (.792) in his last 12 games, while he was 7/17 (.412) in his first 12 games this season. Has he finally got this figured out? 


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Michigan's team free throw percentage is now only mostly bad, at 68.4%; in conference, the team is at 74.2%.

X and Matthews both seem to have improved their form considerably from last season.  Teske, somewhat less so, but he's still shooting better in conference games (63.6%) than overall (57.1%).

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I feel a lot better about FT personally.  Now it seems like we no longer have anyone who is a total adventure at the line and we're just hoping for him to make one, as was the case with Simpson/Matthews last year.

Simpson's form looks a lot better and it also does on his threes - I think he just might turn into a solid 3-point shooter by next season.


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Beilein's teams have seldom ever had long losing streaks, but that doesn't stop posters firmly in the BPONE from insisting that every loss spells permanent doom - while simultaneously insisting that a loss for our opponents is a "wakeup call" for them and will make them "angry" to play us.

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Was the Ohio State game the one where we were up by 20 in the first half, OSU ended the half on a 5 point play and we ended up losing the game?

Yup, that was it. Up 43-23 with 1:34 to go in the 1st half. OSU finishes on an 8-0 run. We were up 60-56 late in the game.

Finished the regular season on a 6-2 run, including a 29-point win against MSU the next game.


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The awesome part of those losses in February, 2017? There were people calling for Beilein's head, not knowing we were about to win the BTT, have a good tourney run, then win the BTT again, and make the NC game the next year. Thank God Maizen didn't live to see this... 


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The Mgobraintrust had 4 or 5 losses through the end of regular season if memory serves.  That seems like it could be accurate with trips to Maryland (their crowds are pretty intense) and Breslin.  One would think 27 wins (that assumes only one more loss) would earn us the Big Ten crown and a 1 seed in the BTT.  


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