It's Baaaack!!! - Big East Authorizes Expansion Process [Updated]

Submitted by psychomatt on November 2nd, 2010 at 12:29 PM

I know, I know, who cares about the Big East. Do they still play football even?

Anyway, at their meeting today, the Big East is discussing expansion to 12 teams and even a split of the football teams from the non-football teams. The schools being discussed as additions to the Big East are: TCU, Central Florida, Houston, Temple and Villanova.…


UPDATE: The Big East officially approved expansion up to 10 football members along with a process for evaluating candidates. The announcement is similar to the one made by Jim Delaney last year, though it lacks a time frame for adding new members.……



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Actually, I think that most of the Big East religious schools are Catholic affliated, so from a religious standpoint, not sure about the fit for TCU.  Maybe they can become the Christian league by adding TCU, SMU, and BYU.  Maybe then, ND will feel comfortable enough to join.


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I think I read it on here that with so many Catholic affliated schools in the Big East, ND would never be forced to join.  Too bad BC should be in there as well.  But I use to work for a lady that was a big booster and I think on their board and she laid out the reasons to me for BC wanting to go ACC.


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Imagine this whole conversation happened in person. The first comment was a snyde comment. You took it seriously, and I jokingly (as in i would have laughed while saying it) "Calm down."

Bottom line, you take things said on the internet too seriously. I'm not going to put emoticons after everything I type. :P


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I certainly didn't take the Big East comment seriously; I realized it was a joke, but it was a joke at the Big East's expense and I was defending the BE as I attended a BE school for undergrad. I didn't realize that your comment was a joke.


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1. Calling Temple and asking them to come back after you kicked them out a few years ago for not being up to conference standards.

2. Allowing ND to join for non-revenue sports but not football to at least reduce the losses in your non-revenue sports.

3. Cincinnati as your reigning two-time conference champion.

4. Not having even one of your football teams ranked in the top 25.


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With Utah leaving and BYU supposedly going independent, it doesn't seem like that much of an upgrade for the MWC. I think the most attractive thing is the BCS autobid. If they thought that they could steal it from the Big East, I would definitely see them staying.


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With Boise coming in MWC looks to have a solid shot at being AQ maybe even likely if BYU and TCU stay.  Whereas Big East seems like it could easily slip out of being AQ with their mess of a conference.  The battle for TCU could essentially be the battle to be an AQ conference.  Which conference is more vulnerable to another round of expansion?  Is the Big Ten more likely to pick off a Big East school or the Big 12 more likely to pick off a MWC school?


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to a desperate housewife throwing around the notion of plastic surgery to keep a husband interested... or an older man promising a vacation to a younger woman down the road.

either way, someone's currently disappointed in the product of today and someone else is scrambling to find a fix that is superficial and pointless


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Do you respect ConferenceUSA?  Then how would adding their members strengthen the conference?  All it does is make you ConferenceUSA.

The Big East is done, and believe me, SU, Pitt, UConn, and WVU are looking for their exit options.