Is Isaiah Hole an Insider/Worth following? (Ed: Yes)

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[Ed-Seth: I changed the title of this thread because it originally mentioned a notorious hack, and having both names in the same sentence does a disservice to Isaiah Hole. The short answer is Yes, Isaiah usually knows what he's talking about and is worth a follow because he has independent sources that nobody else gets. Original post follows]

Over the past couple of weeks I've been listening to these guys. Do you guys consider them good sources for info.  Also who would you consider the best insider for info.




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Yeah Isaiah is shooting games and around AA so he's always around players/recruits and occasionally gets stuff that way. He got a scoop nobody else had on a visit (Keegan?) just by running into the guy. Doesn't seem like he's plugged in with Michigan or HS coaches.

Yoder is a fraud.


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I think Yoder will get a bad rep based on the fact that he is associated with ChatSports. But I think it would be naive to think that is a complete fake based on the fact that he has a pretty good "batting percentage" as of late with info.

I compare him to Gregg Hensen in the Harbaugh hire days.....Gregg is a clown, but his information / or sources were pretty spot in back then


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"Associated with" ChatSports??? He founded it, and involved in tons of shady stuff along the way, including faking emails on term sheets, from investors, attorneys, fake writers, etc. (Link)


He has no inside info that he's not getting from elsewhere, or making guesses on based on trying to read the tea leaves.


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Yoder doesnt have a press pass or press credentials, so he definitely hasnt been to a press conference. For the same reason, it is highly unlikely that he has ever had an official conversation with anyone on the coaching staff.

However, he definitely has built relationships with guys going through the recruiting process, some of whom have ended up on the team and who he probably keeps contact with. He has even one on one conversations with Rashan Gary's mom on the record: 

So he's definitely got *some* inside info, but his hype and ego are way way out in front of whatever amount of inside info he really gets. 

I actually think his rumor roundups are pretty useful, as it saves me time from trolling through hours of message board posts, but when he starts pumping himself up as the top insider he gets pretty hard to take seriously.


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Yoder gets a bad rep because his reporting is plagiarism mixed with shit he just makes up. He *IS* Chat Sports, in the same way that Brian is MGoBlog. Yoder, under the alias Ace Williams, is the guy who made up the story about the 2007 team all being high for The Horror. The things he gets right are by stealing from insider message boards. Block him and remind others to block him. Supporting his unscrupulous behavior encourages others to try it.

Gregg Henson is a loud radio guy who was on the same email chain as a lot of us because a former player from the 1980s who was on a chain with a lot of other former players who hated Dave Brandon started BCC'ing all the journalists on his replies (myself included). Also he was talking to John Jansen, who'd been on the show a few times. While Henson overplayed his information, that was at least information that he came by on his own. They're not comparable.


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Thanks for the info on Yoder.  I mentioned his garbage YouTube channel on the Dax hill thread because it was so click baity and someone assumed I was Yoder, trying to get clicks, hahaha.    I had never heard of chat sports before I saw 5 minutes of him trashing “blog boys” on his channel and claiming he was #1 for Michigan info, so I was generally inquisitive on who this clown was.  Now I know and thank you for the info on him and his apparently fraud site.  He reminded me of a total sparty douche bro to be honest.