Irish DL Aaron Lynch rumors

Submitted by kaykaybroke on April 4th, 2012 at 10:22 AM

h/t to Leaders and Best who mentioned it in a thread below.

I did a little digging on twitter and found this article saying that Aaron Lynch was absent from an Irish practice after leaving campus to go back to Ohio for "personal reasons".

Apparently he was involved in a brawl in practice, and subsequently "excused" from that practice. It's unclear whether that brawl was a factor in his departure.


Big BIG loss for the Irish if this goes anywhere...he led them in sacks last season as a true frosh.



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There were rumors a couple months ago that he was thinking of transferring to Ohio. That was the BIG transfer rumor that was being floated by Ohio insiders. Wonder if that will happen still.


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If he transfers, I doubt it's to OSU. They'll have high four star DEs who never see the field, and since Lynch would sit out a year, that might leave him on the outside looking in. He could go almost anywhere else and be almost guaranteed a starting spot. It would be like a young OL transferring to our program a year from now. Not the easiest path to PT.


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the original read: "That episode, based on Kelly's assessment Wednesday, apparently was not a factor in the absence Wednesday."

Now they're saying it's unclear.  Which means they don't have any idea.  What is consistent in both is quote from Kelly saying he was excused for personal reasons.


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So you leave practice and go home after a fight with teammates? What exactly is going on in South Bend? Usually if a fight breaks out, you squash it and keep going. Doesn't make sense unless it was really bad and he was forced to leave. Even if that is the case you dont skip town, stick around and make it right it's Wednesday not Friday.