Iowa Party Bus Ride Share - Join In!

Submitted by bigdemo on October 21st, 2016 at 8:48 AM

Friends, a client of mine who is a reader, but only lurks on the boards, asked that I share this. Looks like a good time!   I will be out there as well and we may end up throwing a HomeSure Tailgate, if we do, come one over!

I'm trying to set up a party bus through Rallybus for the Iowa game.  My brother-in-law and I, along with our wives, are staying at Riverside Casino about 20 minutes south of Kinnick.  Currently I have a route set up that would leave the casino at 2:15 with a goal to get to the visitors RV parking lot (the softball complex from what I can see online) by 3 pm.  This should allow for ample tailgating prior to the game; the bus will then remain there and will leave about half an hour or so after the end of the game to head back to the casino.  We can add additional stops if necessary depending on interest.  
Right now we would need about 35 people @ $50 each to guarantee the bus, if we get more (capacity is 54) we can get that price down to $30 a person.  If we cannot secure enough commitments by 2 weeks before the game, the bus will be cancelled and no one is charged.  Click on the link at the bottom of the post and you can reserve your seats; your credit card won't be charged until the bus is confirmed and they know the final count.  Either way if you commit you won't pay more than $50 and could get it for as low as $30 assuming we get a full bus. 
For those of you unfamiliar with Rallybus they are a site coordinating party bus travel to various events.  My wife and I used it for the first time in Boston to go the Patriots-Bengals game, and it easily exceeded our expectations.  The benefits for us were that you can bring your own booze (just no glass bottles) and take all of your tailgate gear.  
The bus stays on site and is locked during the game so you can leave whatever you want behind.  Also, the bus has a bathroom, which I claim is more of a perk for the wives but honestly after a few I end up using it just as much.  It's also nice to have the bathroom during the tailgate as opposed to waiting in line for whatever port-a-potties are on site.  Here's a FAQ section if you want to check it out further.  Rally - Crowdpowered Travel 
Admittedly I have only used the service for the one trip, so if anyone else has used Rallybus and has suggestions or comments, please feel free to let me know.
My brother in-law posted a similar thread on Rivals and a local fan out there made a couple of useful comments.  He indicated the casino may be a good location for fans from Cedar Rapids or elsewhere to meet up and ride in as opposed to trying to fight traffic and parking on their own.  He also said there is a Menards and Wal-Mart off Highway 1 between the casino and the stadium which could also potentially be  good second pick-up spot.  We are open to suggestions and really just trying to get a economical way to tailgate with other Michigan fams and avoid driving.    
So, if you are interested, use the link below to reserve your spot.  Note that currently this trip does not show up with the others on Rallybus for this game, as those appear to have been set up thinking this was a noon kick-off and  I wanted to make sure the bus we reserved was for the night game.  I have a request into rallybus to clear this up and link it for anyone searching Michigan-Iowa.  
Also, thank you to Matt, and HomeSure Lending, (how's that tailgate trailer thing coming?) for posting this for me.  Although I have been a long time reader I rarely post, which means I did not have the requisite points to post this on my own.  Mentioned it to my new favorite lender and he said he could take care of it for me.  So add this to the long list of stories indicating how great of a guy Matt is.  - Brandon
In response to Brandon - The HomeSure Mobile Tailgate Trailer will (should, when the Mrs. relents) be up and operational for the entire 2017 season.  Two 50" TVs w/ Dish, two taps, bathroom, speakers, full bar. 



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Ha, no, thankfully.  This is Brandon (NTB) (see status to the left for long time reader / full time lurker status).  In contrast to the other Brandon I am not currently in the process of destroying a Giraffe led toy store. I prefer to spend my time trying to get a party bus group off the ground for the Iowa game.




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I wish this was going from Cedar Rapids instead.  It is only a short drive but it would be nice to not have any worries.  Have fun and GO BLUE!


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The site is pretty simple to use and if you were real interested you could set up your own route and see if there are enough people coming from the Cedar Rapids area.  Admittedly I will be jealous/annoyed if you get enough participation for a Cedar Rapids trip and we do not from our hotel. 

Just kidding, and best of luck if you do set one up.