Iowa loses DL coach to Nebraska

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You can pick this up other places, but I linked to BHGP to stay with a B10 blogger.

Interesting to see a lateral move like that from a guy that has been with a program a while. This has been rumored in IC for a bit when Norm stepped down. The reason being that Phil Parker (no relation to Norm), the DB coach, would be made the new DC. The DC position has not been officially posted, but the rumor was that it was informally offered to Parker, not Kaczenski. Captain Kirk could have gone outside with the position, but is setting into Lloyd-land by trying to keep promotions in house. I guess Kaczenski did not feel he had any opportunity to move up on the staff. Considering the relative strength of the Iowa DL (this year excluded due to incredible attrition), it will be interesting to see how this sorts out in a few years.






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He coached some pretty good defensive lines at Iowa, save for maybe this year. It looks like the Hawkeyes are headed for a considerable overhaul of the whole defensive coaching staff with Parker and now Kaczenski leaving. "Lean win" next year on Iowa?


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I wonder if the guy at blackheartgoldpants still thinks that the head coaching job at Iowa is better than Michigan’s.  His argument wasn't based on Iowa's coach making a ton of money and not having high expectations.  He was basically saying that they had better facilities and a better chance at winning.  Does anyone know how Michigan’s football facilities stack up against the rest of the B10 and even nationally.…



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I mean, they beat us, but I'd guess they'd rather have our bowl game, and our recruiting class. Heck, we know they wanted our receivers.  The funny thing is, when I saw this post first come up, I wondered if Kirk didn't get out of town to the NFL or another job (even Michigan) when he was hot and the getting was good. Iowa's prospects, with Nebraska bullying them on that side of the conference landscape, and MSU getting better and Michigan coming back in their division, aren't looking great in the near future. Their salad days might be over for awhile.  But there's always people like this. Some thought Stoops was making a mistake to take over the Sooners rather than Iowa, because their glory days were over. Uhm, yeah....