Iowa fans and class

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I have noticed recently that fans of Big Ten teams not from OSU, PSU and MSU (and specifically Iowa in this case:… )are generally much classier than said counterparts. From what I've seen they say what they have to say, then wish both teams luck and of course say go _____ (insert team affiliation here).

This is a stark difference to me when compared to fans of not only the aforementioned Big Ten teams, but also teams such as Florida, LSU, USC, Texas, OU, ND, etc.

Is it perhaps because these fans (the classy ones) know both the joy of winning and the familiar humble of defeat? I say this because, despite good years on and off, these teams do not have the staying capacity of the powerhouse programs. (This obviously excludes MSU, who for some reason is cockier than a bag of cocks every year despite being a mediocre team on a year-to-year average).

Or is it because the fans from these schools aren't quite as spoiled and pyschotic as the other fans, making them seem better than they really are by comparison?

Or am I just completely, Charlie-Weis-after-a-three-week-chocolate-and-xanax-bender, loony?



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I would probably agree with the exception being MSU fans. They are by no means a "powerhouse" program. They definitely know the "joy of wining" and the "humble defeat" as you put it but they are still....hmmmm I need a word or 2. Lets just go with obnoxiously stupid.


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I in no way said the B10 is classier than the rest of the conferences, merely that I noticed that fans of teams that are not traditional powerhouses are generally friendlier and classier.

I specifically mentioned the B10 because we are in the B10 and thus I have more of a first-hand knowledge base to work with on these fans than I would have of, say Kansas, Washington, Vanderbilt, etc.


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Texas fans are nothing but class. I tailgated next to a bunch of them at the Rose Bowl in 06. There was good natured ribbing before the game and good natured celebrating after they won. Never once did I feel like they did anything that was classless in any way before, during, or after the game.


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I have no personal experience with Texas fans (as I have with Florida and USC fans as well as the B10 fans), and thus withdraw said comment.

I was more trying to get at the "powerhouse-football-team fans" example, and you've got to admit: Texas is a powerhouse football program.

Hats off to them for being good and classy.


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I had some experience while wearing M gear in LA while on vacation (pre-2006) and got a ton of trash talk and such thrown my way prior to the 2006 Rose Bowl (I wasn't at the game mind you, but I was active on some chat boards).

That being said, I don't know which ones were alums and which were not. I'd like to think the alums would be a bit more civil, but I have no way of knowing for sure.


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I live in LA and actually get a good number of "Go Blue"'s from random passerby when I'm wearing Michigan apparel. I have yet to be trash talked or anything by SC fans. Actually, one congratulated me on our win against ND when I was grocery shopping after the game. I'm not arguing that SC fans aren't obnoxious, just that I've never had a negative run-in with any of their fans/alumni.


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One of my best friends is a Texas fan and they ARE used to their share of pain; they had a streak against OU much like ours against OSU now, and there are lots of similarities between our programs (they're ending now, but before the RR-era). Him and the few other TX fans I've met were classy, even LAST YEAR, which says a lot.


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And Iowa fans rank right up there as classy and friendly. These people really wanted you to leave with a positive impression of their city. Same goes for Wisconsin, super passionate fans, but the second the game was over, the Badger fans sitting in front of me were, "How long you in town? Try this place if you want a good meal", etc. I've been well-treated by Purdue fans, Illinois fans, even Penn State fans (of course my visit to Happy Valley predated PSUs Decade of Futility against U of M, which may have had something to do with their good behavior).

steve sharik

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...and their fans were very welcoming and friendly. Got invited to numerous tailgates while walking around pre-game. Of course, that was before the aforementioned DOF (Decade of Futility...sorry, a little sarcastic shot across the bow at the internet's/text messaging's overuse of abbvs./acronyms).


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I don't think level of success is really the issue. It's more about how a fanbase feels about Michigan. If a fanbase hates us, they will predictably be rude. If their hate is directed elsewhere, they'll often be more polite. Texas fans were great to us, but I'm sure Oklahoma fans think they're jerks. We just aren't an object of UT's hate.


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we have to consider football in Iowa City in the years before Hayden Fry showed up on the scene in 1979. I read somewhere that despite the sub .500 finishes throughout the 1970s, Iowa fans remained loyal, didn't leave football games early, and were generally supportive of their football program. They had some lean years back then with guys like Frank Lauterbur and Bobby Commings at the helm, but the support for Hawkeye football in the state is strong regardless, in good and in bad years.

They are pretty classy football fans from my observation, and that goes for basketball games too.

As far as hate goes, I remember that they don't like Nebraska and Iowa State very much.

The King of Belch

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Fans of college football teams anywhere trying to define "class."

We've got our jerks, they've got their jerks, we ALL have jerks and good fans. I've always wondered why so much enrgy is put toward worrying about what other people think and how they act.

And the sheer unadulterated arrogance of feeling one is capable of determining the "class" of entire fan bases or populations based off random, minute samples and/or interactions with them is extremely pretentious at best, and probably disingenuous most of the time.

But--carry on.