Iowa Commit RB Karan Higdon To Announce 8 AM Tomorrow

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I can only post 1 tweet in an OP for some reason so I'll post others in the 1st reponse but Iowa's version of Lorenz seems to be a bit worried he flips.  I noticed Higdon's HS coach has also gone silent since the visit.  I think we all assumed it was a no but maybe there is some chance here - we'll know first thing in the morning but it doesn't appear 100% Iowa at this point.

247 page for reference.


#Hawkeyes RB commit Karan Higdon just texted me, said he'll be making a decision tomorrow at 8am. Visited #Michigan this weekend.

— Andrew Kulha (@Hawkeyes247) February 4, 2015



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Keep in mind this was a whirlwind romance - his HS coach emailed Singletary his stuff mid week, he was offered Saturday.  Got on a plane - visited Sunday, and was gone. Radio silence since but I think the recruit gurus were not feeling anything changed.  We'll see.



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I agree 100%.

But based on his HS coach's discussion of his off the field background and moral character, volunteer work, etc it doesn't sound like this is a kid to unnecessarily draw attention to himself just for that purpose.

It could be nothing but worth highlighting the radio silence aspect.

I think Brandon Brown had a rule where if a commit stopped responding to him after earlier being very open to communication it usually meant he "cooled on Michigan" - he saw that in Hand right before he jumped over to Bama.


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A cutting comment from the guy who's accumulated negative five digits in less than a week who's reading recruiting posts.

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Once again, I wish there were a way for the mods to censor inappropriate comments without deleting them entirely. Unless you really are directing this at Alum 96?

Not only would it help to know which comment is being responded to, it would be nice to know which posters are making comments that are so out of line that the mods think they are worth deleting.


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Karan is not looking for attention at all.  He's a kid that took only 1 official visit (Iowa) and has been as dignified as possible in this process.  Michigan was the only school that his mother would even consider a visit that late and obviously it gave him something to think about.  He is genuinely wrestling with this at this moment.  There are many pre-madonnas in recruiting but I can assure you that he is not one of them.  


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I just played around with embedding tweets and they previewed just fine when I just hit enter while still in plain text editor. Don't know if they would actually post that way or if there's some glitch affecting you but not me.


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Not so fast my friend.  This is a big decision like many of the ones being made tommorrow.  There is a lot that goes into it and it's absolutley a life decision.  Some of these kids play the game but Karan was raised well by his mother and is truly struggling with the decision.  Iowa has done a terrific job with him and has been first rate for a year.  Michigan has done everything it could since they received his information and presents a truly elite opportunity.  It really is a tough choice due to the timing and relationship factors.  He has been made well aware of what Michigan is and what Michigan is about.  We don't even know where he is going....honestly. 


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Serious question.  Right now we seem to be in play for a LOT of recruits.  While unquestionably unlikely, what would happen if they dropped for Michigan?  Clearly we dont have enough room for a class that big - what would we do?



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I have a feeling what is a "surprise announcement" to the general public is not a surprise to the coaches by that time.  I think most of these kids are respectful and will let the coaches know at least a few hours ahead of time.  They are literally not deciding their future at 4:00 EST or whatever.

Specific to Iman the few crystal ballz that have flipped have gone to FSU not UM the past few days so I wouldn't hold your breath there.


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With 5 spots I dont think we are in danger of that.

Maybe a guy like Oliver gets squeezed out in some dream scenario where we turn into a bunch of people's first choice insead of 2nd or 3rd.  At this point I'd be very enthused if we just get all 5 spots filled with non MAC flips.


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I was talking to a friend/acquaintance of his today and told him that Iowa is notorious for destroying ACLs. And questioned why he would want to play in a corn field for a coach who may not even be there beyond this year when he can play for the guy who coached in the past couple of NFC championship games. I then showed him the average star rating for Iowa and Michigan. 


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You know, I have always wondered if the history of AIRBHG - particular gruesome years like 2004 and 2012 for Iowa RBs - should not be better publicized so that any running back that might be considerign Iowa could be better informed about the consequences of their decision, or at least what must be done at the start of Spring Practice to appease AIRBHG (assuming Iowa fans would believe that sacrificing Kirk Ferentz's longevitiy clause is an appropriate sacrifice).