Interview with Juwann Bushell-Beatty

Submitted by Magnus on June 4th, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Mike C. from TTB interviewed Paramus (NJ) Catholic offensive tackle Juwann-Bushell Beatty.  He talks quite a bit about the things he needs to improve, and I think it's good that these BCS players go into college knowing that they need to work on many aspects of their game.




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"The honesty of the Michigan coaching staff and the academic integrity of the school were two of the major factors that stood out on the unofficial visit"

This is yet another example of how on-message and how consistent the coaching staff is with recruits, because this might be the third or fourth article in the past several days where a recruit mentions the honesty of the staff. Even if this class was not as highly touted as it is, I would be extremely happy with how the coaching staff represents Michigan simply based on the honesty being continually pointed out. 


Password is Taco

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"With Rutgers joining the Big 10, a chance to play back in their home state may be an added advantage. “It’s going to be real exciting, going to be back home after being away for a little while.  It will be Rutgers first year in and I will be able to have all my family there, so that will be exciting.”

I wonder if Rutgers not joining the Big 10 would've resulted in us missing out on him or Peppers. I know it's a hypothetical; I'm just not sure the opportunity to play in NJ twice(?) in their college career is that big of a draw.

Also, well done Magnus. Solid read.


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I do think Michigan has received a little bump recently with New Jersey kids, although I can't say definitively that it's because of Rutgers' addition to the Big Ten. I think that might be part of it, though.

Also, thanks for the compliment, but I had nothing to do with the article beyond fixing a couple typographical errors. That's all Mike C., so kudos to him.

Jaqen H'ghar

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Looks like Hoke and Co got another mature prospect looking to put in the work to prove himself. I will take those types over cocky proven talent anyday.