Interview with 2011 recruit Andre Yruretagoyena

Submitted by Drake on February 8th, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Andre Yruretagoyena is an OL/DL 2011 prospect from Chaparral highschool in Scottsdale Arizona who has recently recieved a Michigan offer. Michigan fans should recall that highschool as producing 2 highly touted freshman from this past season in Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan.

Full interview can be found here, heres a quote:

Lupe Fiasco: You recently got an offer from Michigan, what did that mean for you?

Andre Yruretagoyena: "I was amazed that I got offered. Ask Taylor how I used to be, in a year I changed into a completely different player and getting an offer from a program that is respected nationwide and has as much history as it does, it's an amazing feeling, I still don't know how to describe how good it feels. Plus, if I meet all the NCAA requirements to acquire the scholarship, college is paid for and that's all my parents have ever wanted because I'd be getting in a lot of debt if I wasn't playing ball somewhere."



February 8th, 2010 at 1:00 PM ^

Love the fact that one of his reasons for not committing until after the season is that he wants scouts to come and see the other guys on his team. Sounds like a classy kid.

West Texas Blue

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Uh, can we get the proper pronunciation of his last name? Otherwise I'll just be referring to him as Andre Y.

The kid is a good looking prospect; very athletic and can get to the 2nd level very quickly for a big guy. Looks like a great fit for our OL.


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from the Moscow Dynamo. I think he's Kozlov's brother-in-law.

Seriously, he's got a refreshingly unspoiled attitude about receiving a scholarship offer from Michigan... there's no indication that he thinks it's his birthright simply because he can play football. If you combine that attitude with physical talent, all things are possible for him.


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Seems like a great kid. IIRC, Taylor Lewan only played OT starting his junior year after he transferred to Chaparral. I would like to see another well coached player come play for us.