Interesting side note regarding the Harbaugh and Brandon intersection

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I just happen to notice things like this, maybe it is just me. 

In the DetNews there is a fluff article on Harbaugh that is a reprint from the San Jose Mercury News ( regarding Jim's desire to win. In the article there is an anecdote about when Bo walked into his office to find Jim, 9 years old at the time, sitting in Bo's chair with his feet up on Bo's desk. While the story is amusing, it also shows how much exposure Jim must have had to the program at that young age to be so comfortable that he had his feet up on his Dad's boss' desk.

Additionally, at age 9 (having been born in 1963) he would have been intersecting the program at the same time as Dave Brandon ('70-'74). While those two would not have been hanging out in the bars at that time, I am sure any member of that team (Brandon included) would have watched Jim at Michigan very intently knowing how the old ball boy became the star QB. Particularly an alum like Brandon who has stayed in the Detroit area for his professional career and would have more access to the program when Bo was coaching.

While I previously believed there were probably back channel discussions since they were ex-players, I am only more convinced knowing this new fact that these two probably have had more than just a few casual conversations. I don't propose to know what happens to RR post-Jan 1, but I am pretty sure Brandon knows Harbaugh's position and what his choice will be. There are too many connections for this to not be the case. Either way, we will have a good coach come January. 




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The only thing that could stop the deal is if JH doesn't want to walk into the media buzzsaw in AA.  You think the Detroit establishment is going to stop picking on the Michigan HC just because he's Harbaugh?  They will only look at the program with ever-greater scrutiny after "driving a crooked coach out" after just 3 years.

IMO the true colors of the media personalities has been shown for all to see.  A lot of them dislike Michigan.  Some of them are fair to us from time to time.  But one thing is for certain, in this day and age, it is not easy to be HC at Michigan.  Slander and libel are to be expected.

Ted Kaczynski

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IMO the true colors of the media personalities has been shown for all to see.  A lot of them dislike Michigan.

This is very true. Now that "bashing Michigan football" is such a hot topic in town, people like Henning and Rubin and all the other Sparty morons are going to write some really inciteful garbage. Hopefully the News & Freep go BK soon.


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confident that JH is a big boy and will be able to tell the Detroit media to STFU when they step out of line......To me, that is the greatest appeal to having JH as our head coach.  He will do a much better job looking the media (or Sweater vest or Hope, etc.) in the eye and say "What's your deal.."


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Alright, for the longest time I was of the opinion that if you don't want to read it don't click on it but I have been pushed over the edge. I just want it to be over. I have no opion on who should be the coach anymore, I just want to be done with it. Every thread I click I think will have new information and it is the same beating and I am thinking I am starting to become the horse.


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wait wait wait... You read in an article that Harbaugh put his feet on Bo's desk, and this convinces you that he and DB talk a lot and probably about Harbaugh's desire to coach here? Wow.


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but two things I do not desire.....

  1. That pompous asshole for a coach.
  2. To see any more threads about that pompous asshole until after the 3rd.


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I just figured out that DB and JH share some letters in their name. JAMES and DAVE. See the A and the E are the same. I am now convinced based on this information that JH is coming to Michigan. It cannot mean any other thing.  No offense to the OP I just hate this stuff. Maybe put CC: in the title.


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Also the letters between the A and E are M and V.  Turn that M upside down and it's a W.

W.  V.

Obviously the upside-down W is a sign of disrespect which means neither one likes WV or people from there.  It was fate - RR never had a shot at coming back.

Now if it were Jawes Harbaugh it might be a different story.  


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Oh come on everyone. That was easily one of the most interesting CC thread starts in a while.  New take and some thought was put into it.

Take it from someone responsible for some of the most repetitive and unreadable CC posts over the last 4 weeks, this one was not bad at all.

Jim IS very likely a jerk and all the other negative personality traits people attribute to him, but if likability and awe shucks factor meant anything towards the bottom line of winning, guys like Bob Davie and Bill Stewart would be on everyone's short list. And Rich Rodriguez wouldn't be on the clock here. They don't come any more likeable and unpretentious.


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The thing about all of these CC: post is that when I read the comments I don't know if people are being sarcastic or if they are being serious. Some of the comments make no sense. I doubt if being a ball boy makes them good friends. If you played sports think back to the ball boy on your team.  Do you ever talk to them?  Probably not, and if you do it has nothing to do with them being the ball boy for your team.


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guy and had so much faith in the media playing straight with him and focusing on the stats that the offense put up all year, and how young and injured the defense was, would so many on here get so mad about the posts and want them to just stop?

The frustration over the turmoil in the program for the last three years and all the drama etc have many searching for answers.  In this instant gratification society in which we live, there is a desire for the quick fix/change.  Many just want to forget the last three years and go back to the "Michigan football" they all remember.  JH represents a link to that past.  Dave Brandon created this window of speculation with his timeline and the silence of all parties involved just fuels the fire. 

If nothing else, at least DB is not sailing in the Gulf of Mexico while the program wastes away.   The bowl season thus far is pretty boring, too many games and too many boring matchups.  We need 10 less bowl games and have it all end Jan. 1. 

We will have an answer to the big question about Jan. 6 or 7 and then the fighting over "The Decision" will begin.  For now, the TMZ era is upon us, for those that hate the CC threads, why do you keep reading them and posting in them?  Even atomic bombs won't make them go away.  Just let it go, it doesn't hurt anything.   It's better than discussing players selling crap or putting on ski masks only to get to play in bowl games.


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This has nothing to do with "repetitiveness" and everything to do with a clique of posters, who are more emotionally attached to the current head coach than they should be, feeling insecure and lashing out at people who make the fairly obvious observation that there is a strong chance that Jim Harbaugh is our next coach. 


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I can't wait for the impending CC to actually happen so that all these clowns who get upset when other people discuss the topic will stop whining all the time.
<br>Seriously people, all your bitching is starting to reach unprecedented levels and is getting a little ridiculous.