Interesting scene @ Crisler; Denard and Mark Snyder.

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There was an interesting scene at Crisler tonight. I am guessing that no one watching tv would have seen it; I actually wonder how many people at the game caught it.

About five minutes into the second half, the stadium handheld cameras feature Denard, smiling and waving. His video image goes up on the scorebard. The band breaks into The Victors. It's the biggest crowd-roar of the night.

Who comes bouncing down from the Press row in Section 36? Well if it isn't our buddy from the Free Press, Mark Snyder. Denard is sitting on the floor, first row of Section 46 by the tunnel. With one of the assistant AD's. Snyder comes up to the two of them, begging for an interview. He gets on his knees, holding up his pad of paper (it's too noisy for a recorder) and waving his arms. Denard and the AAD are yelling at him to get out of the way. Snyder continues and they wave at him to move away so they can watch the game. I think Snyder was about 2 seconds away from a call to the ushers and/or security.

It looked like the dorkiest guy in high school on his knees in the gymnasium, begging the hottest chick in the history of the school for a date. Eventually Snyder walks away with his head hung. Hilarious. Highlight of the night for me, on a night that had Brady Hoke high-fiving the Maize Rage section, a meeting on the floor between Hoke, David Brandon and Governor Rick Snyder, and of course Mark "No Relation/No Hope" Snyder.

I hope that it is a helluva long time before anybody connected with our Athletic Department gives a Free Press reporter the time of day.



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and just before they cut away, I saw him come sprinting up to Denard, which made me kinda angry in a, let-the-kid-relax-and-enjoy-the-game-for-once-in-his-life! kind of way. They didn't show how it ended up, but that's about how I pictured it in my head and I started laughing really hard a little later.  I'm glad I was right.

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...on a night that had Brady Hoke high-fiving the Miaze Rage section"

I like that a lot.  He needs to ingratiate himself and the fans need to accept him.


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...on a night that had Brady Hoke high-fiving the Miaze Rage section"

I like that a lot.  He needs to ingratiate himself and the fans need to accept him.

It is great and all, but I'd like to point out that RR did the exact same thing.  When MBB was playing OSU as well.  So, let's just remember that this is standard coach public entrance activity.

Still love it, but trying to keep things in perspective.


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I noticed this as well.  I'm also pretty sure that when we were all giving Denard his standing ovation, Nard Dog raised up his hand and pointed over towards Hoke.  I think the players  already starting to become all in for Brady Hoke


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Yea. Even as we were applauding Hoke, he was pointing to the crowd saying "Its about you, not me."  He wants the team and school to be successful, and he doesn't want to take any of the credit.  He just wants to return us to glory.


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So the Freep and everyone else got rid of a coach who was open and candid.  Now hopefully Hoke will not give them the time of day.  How long before the Hoke honeymoon with the MSM is over?.  It's amazing how many clueless people are declaring this a great hire because the MSM told them so.  What the last three years has taught me is how stupid the general Michigan fan is (and I probably would be too without the contributors of Mgoblog).


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Mike Martin is beaming because he went to football camps where he was coached by Brady Hoke.  I would wager that no one in the MSM in Michigan has even spoken to Hoke before.  They have no personal basis to beam.  It is unfair to compare the MSM sheep to someone who has been coached by him.


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I don't think that bringthewood's statement applied to a person who was a player and coached by Hoke. Mike Martin's basis for knowing Hoke is not equivalent to a newspaper reporter's, and I thought your comment was over the top.  I still do.  I am sure that you will have a reply to this post, too.


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I could not agree anymore with you on this matter. The RR era, and the process of this hire (Which I am very pleased with fwiw) brought out the worst in a fair weathered fans. As a loyal fan, you have to support the squad no matter what. As you mentioned, most of these fans know next to nothing of what they are talking about. Whether it be X's and O's, or otherwise.


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The thing that upsets me is those fans that were jumping up and down on RR's grave, who were never with him and the team.   Who now are preaching the gospel "lets all be friends" and get down with Hoke because the team needs us kool aide. 

I'm sorry I was with RR from the start, went to games on Saturdays knowing deep down we were going to loose but still got my hopes up each week thinking maybe this was the time we beat a good opponet.  I did not like how the coaching search was conducted but after the presser you know what, maybe Hoke can bring back the glory days and I will support him and the team because thats what a fan does no matter who the coach/players are. 

It chaps my ass to hear RR haters suddenly in love with the program because they finally got what they wanted in a "Michigan Man", mind you this sect of people includes about 80% of my friends and my father in law.  Those types of fans have showed me their true colors and they are NOT maize and blue. 


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Denard sang along to Hail to the Victors, had a big grin on his face as he acknowledged the crowd, he definitely pointed to Hoke.... Denard sure didn't look like a guy intent on transferring. 


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I legitmately feel like a horrible person for this, but it's just, "The Victors".  There is no "Hail to" in the title.  I know it's a really small and ridiculous thing to get worked up about, but I just figure if we, as a fan base, are going to know the words, we should probably know the title too.  I always get really embarrasssed when any of the players/coaches call it, "Hail to the Victors" or when it shows up in the media like that...


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loves Michigan, I'm sure he's aware of the great injustices the Freep have gleefully done over the last few years. Revenge is a dish best served speeding toward Snyder's face.