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Interesting from the latest Adam Rittenberg article from Craig Roh.

"Something I'm seeing coach Rod focus on more is just having fun while playing football," Roh said. "The first couple years he was here, he was focused more on developing toughness. Now, rather than hate for our opponents, it's love for each other and having fun while doing that."

Just interesting to hear about this difference. I know sometimes when I have taken over a dept. and come in from the outside I've felt like everything was wrong and needed a total makeover, just to find out that once I understood the people/dept. things weren't so bad. This may be reflective of that, or a testimony to the impact the coaching staff has had in the first two years. Regardless I think it continues to show the maturation of the team and their relationship with the coaching staff as Coach Rod is able to have more fun, because the team understands his expectations.…



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I see trees of green, red roses too...
I see them bloom for me and you...
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Actually, I think this change is a reflection of RR being pretty damned comfortable with the personnel he has on the roster now. I think he knows he's assembling some pretty impressive playmakers on both sides of the ball.

It's all good, baby!


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...the QB competition.

"Right now, we're teaching all the quarterbacks all the offense," Rodriguez said. "We're not running certain plays for Tate, certain plays for Devin, certain plays for Denard. They're running all the offense."


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if this is a reflection of RR realizing how difficult the transition was going to be. Using the first two years to really get down to business and work the new system in an intense way.

Now if he's feeling more comfortable with the staff, the players, and the level of understanding he can try to create a different dynamic among the team.


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"I hate Denard on the football field," Roh said. "I love him outside of football, but on the football field, he's just such a nuisance. The quarterbacks here are too fast, and Denard, I just can't catch him. It's ridiculous."


April 12th, 2010 at 3:15 PM ^ I thought these quotes were interesting as well:

Team urgency

"The excuses for it being a new coach are gone completely," senior guard Stephen Schilling said.

"We have no more time," senior cornerback Troy Woolfolk said.

"It's definitely a huge year," linebacker Craig Roh said. "We know what's at stake. We do have that sense of urgency."

RichRod's coaching style

Rodriguez hasn't done a complete 180 -- "He's always going to yell; I just think he likes to yell," [Troy] Woolfolk said -- but players say he and the assistants have seemed different this spring.

"Coach Rod is still coach Rod, but he's just opened up more to us now," wide receiver Roy Roundtree said. "He's still on us hard, but we love him. I feel more comfortable, more relaxed coming to practice every day. [Rodriguez] said, 'Have fun in practice,' and now he's really letting us have fun."


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"Ask not what fun does for you, but what you do for fun!"
- the Oaqui

"You go for it. All the stops are out. Caution is to the wind, and you're battling with everything you have. That's the real fun of the game."
- Dan Dierdorf

"Even though he was an enemy of mine, I had to admit that what he had accomplished was a brilliant piece of strategy. First, he punched me, then he kicked me, then he punched me again."
- Jack Handey


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but these comments reminded me of a bygone era nonetheless. This is from the Nov. 16, 1970 issue of SI:

"As Bo says, he runs a tough football program," Dierdorf explains. "Run and run and run. The track team doesn't run as much as we do. And their coach isn't as mean, either. But this team has a sense of humor. Practice is serious but there is always time for a laugh."

When something goes wrong during a practice a whistle blows and Schembechler roars in, wielding words like whips.... He's of the Vince Lombardi school: work until you hurt and then work some more. Nobody is tougher than Michigan in the fourth quarter.

"This is a rough tough hard-nosed football program," says last year's Coach of the Year. "We run their tails off. Maybe three miles of sprints on Mondays. Then Tuesday and Wednesday we really hit. We bring the freshmen in and we go after them for a full two hours. But this is an easy team to coach. They are bright kids and we have some fun."…


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I'll take an Absolute Peppar martini, straight up, with blue-cheese stuffed olives, please. If you don't have any Ab Peppar, I'll take a Lagavulin with a little bit of ice.


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It sounds like RR is realizing that this is his last chance to make some substantive change in the direction of the program, so he might as well enjoy the process. I'm happy to hear that the guys are enjoying themselves, because otherwise the preseason is just a grind that seemingly never ends.


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September can't get here soon enough. We paid the price of the transition and now two years of darkness will be lifting.

Man I can't wait

Nosce Te Ipsum

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No matter how the team performs this year (and I think they will put it all together) I don't think the players would allow Michigan to let RR go. He's like a father to them. Can't wait til Saturday!


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It's nice to hear this. These kids and coaches will have plenty of pressure this fall, why make the spring miserable too, right? It also brings the team together which will help with the "us against the world" mentality that they need to maintain all season this year.


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I've heard the word "fun" used quite a bit in quotes from players and coaches this spring. Seems like more than during the past couple years. I am starting to think this is legit and the result of improved play during practice. Great sign heading into fall.


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I didn't realize that we're putting together a team of hippies.

BUt in all seriousness this is a really good thing. Its something that Rex Ryan stressed with the Jets and apparently it worked to some extent.


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ooop skip a doo bop be hooey fun. I am counting the hours until I leave for the BIG HOUSE... AHHHH! My favorite part is getting goosebumps listening to Victors in that place. I like that the guys are having fun flying around and making plays. You can't lose sight of the fact that they are playing a game. Sometimes you press too much when you make it too serious. Go Blue!!!

Louie C

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I think that is a good sign. I'm not jumping the gun and anticipating anything big time just yet (this season anyway), but over the years, there's one thing that I have heard winning player and coaches say, and that is "getting out there and having fun."


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RR walked into a country club and had to change the habits. This probably involved a lot of "tough love." Now, the habits have been changed and a lot of the leadership as far as how things are now done at Michigan can come from the upperclassmen.

This probably leaves RR free to be more of a coach and less of a Marine DI: sounds like everybody wins.

Steve in PA

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From my personal experiences coaching it is much easier and more effective to start of being a complete hardass. Once players start to buy in to the changes one can throttle back and by the end of the season or my time with the team nobody remembers busting their ass earlier, they focus on the positives.

I'm not comparing myself to RR or any good coaches btw, just saying personal experience seems to validate your statement.