Interesting Recruiting Roundup from Mike Farrell

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It's a free article with some insights from Mike Farrell. Not trying to fan the flames of "OMG, TREADWELL KEEPS CHANGING HIS MIND!" or "GREEN IS TOTAL LOCK! LOL" but there are some interesting thoughts from Mike about past and current recruits, including Green, Treadwell, Anzalone and others. There is also an interesting tidbit about Hawkins and USC, which may help us out with McQuay.

Commence rabbling.


NOLA Wolverine

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"....Woodbridge Senior defensive end Da'Shawn Hand was my hands-down choice for the No. 1 player in the country for the class of 2014. Since then, numerous recruiting sites have tabbed Hand as their No. 1 guy, while our first 2014 five-stars will be released next month."


Annnnnnnnnd scene. That earns a click of the X button. 


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Is that committed kids can't come on official visits.  I read somewhere that it was to reduce kids just wanting to come check out the facilities on a paid trip.  So technically since Hoke doesn't allow committed kids to visit, Pharaoh was not committed when he stepped on the plane to head out there.  


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Sad to hear about Treadwell's uncle passing away. Sort of puts his visit cancel in proper context.

Not sure what to make out of the sudden silence from Green post visit. Sounds like he's hunkered down with his family after an extended visit. Rumors out of Auburn are that Jordan Wilkins might be considering a flip to Vandy. Auburn is a dumpster fire this year, but that would leave Green a very good shot at an early starting role on a high profile SEC team with decent OL recruiting recently. Gotta think he's about to make a decision one way or the other.


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The silence from Green is quite strange, given his penchant for being very available to media to talk about the recruiting process.

Re: Wilkins, its only a rumor, so I don't see that having a huge impact on Green's decision either way. Until Wilkins actually leaves, he is still committed and creating a logjam at the RB position there.

Green did say at one point he wanted to make a decision in October, and then kind of back out of that. Maybe this prolonged silence is due to the fact that he is taking a timeout to discuss the Michigan trip with his family and coaches.

I've got my seatbelt handy, just in case. But I am not getting my hopes up just yet...


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But like you said, Auburn is a dumpster fire, and although they've recruited relatively well, so has LSU and Bama and UGa and Florida, and those schools are actually winning, so I don't see Auburn being too high profile for a while. They'll be lucky to be a middle of the road SEC team while Green would be there.


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I'd rather have Green and Treadwell take their time and be sure about their decision than have a situation like Dawson or potentially Conley. I feel really bad for David as it looks like our staff initiated the split and now, if he decides he doesn't like UF or any other SEC teams the door is no longer open for him.

Brown Bear

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Condolences to Laquon and his family on their loss.

This is why everyone needs to relax when a trip or visit is cancelled and not jump to conclusions as why it was cancelled. The amount of dopes that commented blindly that we should stop recruiting him or he's not going to commit because he's playing games and so on was pathetic. Take a step back and try not to over analyze everything because you just look stupid when you make comments about a kid who cancelled his visit because of a family loss.


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We're far too critical of what are basically kids. There may have been a good chance he couldn't have afforded the gas up here last saturday, so we never know. It's one of the down sides to social media's involvment in recruiting. You get instant feedback from a situation that fans don't know all the facts about. 

Brown Bear

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Exactly. I like following recruiting but I don't get too worked up over it when it comes to them going to another school. It's not my life, it's theirs that they are making a decision for them and not you. Follow recruiting if you like fellow MGoBloggers but remember its their lives and not ours.


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VSB, just observations made by Lorenz and some others. Point being, if Dawson hadn't committed so early before he knew what was out there, we'd def be in the hunt for his services right now. As it is, the team and Dawson have "mutually" parted ways. What LaQuan and Green are doing is better for all parties involved.