Interesting Miles Excerpt from Three and Out

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This very interesting excerpt from Three and Out, which comes out on Tuesday, sheds some light on the coaching search in 2007-2008 that resulted in Rodriguez being hired.

Points of the article are:


  • Miles stated in a December 2007 conference call with Bill Martin and MSC that he would accept the position only if they waited until January as he would not leave before the LSU bowl game.
  • Carr was the one who first reached out to Rodriguez.
  • Dave Brandon stated in 2010 that Miles would get the HC job "over his dead body."


Based on the article it sounds as though Miles would have been our next HC after Carr, if not for Carr's interference.  For the record, even considering the success of LSU this year I would never have supported Miles getting the job.  Call me crazy, but there are many successful college HC's that I have on my personal "do not hire" list, which includes Les Miles.




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RR recruited kids who aren't "Michigan Men." How about you don't root for Michigan until all his players are gone then. Don't cheer for Denard, don't cheer for Roundtree (Hey, look at that, the two guys who connected on the final play against Notre Dame), don't cheer for Taylor Lewan, ect.


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You are entitled to your opinion, but there are a lot of players recruited to Michigan by Rodriguez, like Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner, who are everything any Michigan alum could ask of a player.  It is at least my recollection that very few players recruited by RR have proven to be anything less than good kids who have worked hard and kept their noses clean.  Maybe he was not able to get the five stars he would have liked, but his recruiting would have picked up if he started winning.  He was left with a bad team, had a horrible first year and then had to recruit around his W-L record.


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his recruiting would have picked up if circumstances were better, for sure.  But, I am saying for the "fits" he was trying to bring to Michigan, the pipeline to the NFL was probably going to go through Columbus, South Bend, Happy Valley or Madison first for a lot of traditional NFL-potential skill players.

For all those that believe I am bashing our players just because they are RR's recruits...I route for our boys as hard as anyone.  I want Denard and the other skill players to be successful at every level. 

All i am saying is that it was a little concerning that RR has very few athletes in the NFL that are doing anything, comparative to past Michigan hires and other pro-style teams.  Its a big deal to recruits what happens in the NFL.



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    How is he supposed to have a ton of atheletes in the N.F.L. when they are just now seniors or  redshirt juniors? I know some kids leave early for the draft but its unfair to say he doesn't have enough talent in the league when he didn't even get a fourth year.


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I assumed this was a reference to his time at West Virginia. They have three offensive players in the NFL: two fullbacks (Owen Schmitt, Corey McIntyre) and Steve Slaton.

That's a short list, considering how much success WV has had in the last decade.

For comparison, here's the rest of the Big East:

Pittsburgh 12
Louisville 11
Connecticut 6
Rutgers 6
Syracuse 6
Cincinnati 3
South Florida 2


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Corey McIntyre was a defensive player in college.

Owen Schmitt was a stud and they had no choice but to find a use for him--though of course they get full marks for finding a player like this as a walk-on out of D3.


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  Mike Martin, Koger, and Denard at some position? with Stonum, Roh, and Omameh getting an outside shot with good years next year. Maybe I am seeing this with Maize colored glasses on but at least Martin is a sure fire draft pick.

    I did not list Hemmingway, Molk, or Van Bergen because they were Carr recuits but I think all three of those will get drafted IMHO.


October 25th, 2011 at 1:41 AM ^

I hope for the kids sake that you're right. But I don't see any of those guys you listed (Molk excluded, I think he has a shot) of being a first or second round draft pick. I would have said Martin might have had a shot but I'm not seeing the needed progression from him. I think late round picks with a chance to make a roster is the best most of those guys can hope for, which is still impressive but not what Michigan has traditionally produced.

I LOVE Molk in the right NFL scheme though...he's gonna be very, very good.


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I think Miles richly deserves his "hat/mad hatter" nickname.  I also think he has produced a lot more than any HC at Michigan since LC's one great year in 1997.  If Miles came to Michigan and won like he has at LSU, I am guessing that 95 percent of the fanbase would forget about his idiosyncracies and call it "Michigan Football."  

The only time most people would bitch would be when he loses.  That probably wouldn't happen very often.  He would be such a great target for opposing fanbases that our friends in EL and Columbus might actually write or say something funny.


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First off, there are some Michigan Men, as discussed on this board many times, that waiver on the respect meter, and to me, Les Miles is one.

But, I think you're right.  Had he been our coach and won at a simliar clip as he has at LSU, we would love him! 

But...since he is not our coach, I struggle with so many things about him; his attempt to be Bo, the grass eating, the lack of time management skills, etc.

But he wins!  And his suspending of some of his best players this past weekend vs. Auburn is solid!

Is this book good or bad for us?


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First off, I must state that I absolutely hate the "Michigan Man" meme.  It seems like a nomiker that people use to  hold themselves above others and/or exclude others, neither of which are necessarily good uses of the term.

That said, if what is said about Les Miles is true, does he still qualify to be a part of the "Michigan Man" club?  Personally, I think Rich Rodriguez would be more qualified to be a part of that club than Les Miles.  I could care less if Miles played for Bo and wins football games as a coach at LSU - everything I've read/heard about him disgusts me and I, for one, would not want him coaching my favorite team.  Winning is important, but its not everything. 


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right. If Les comes here and wins the big ten in 2009 or 2010 (not saying it would have happened, only theoretically) and we go on to a BCS bowl game or better - all is forgotten & forgiven unless NCAA sanctions come down.

Mr. Yost

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I'd always think he's a dumbass.

I'd enjoy the bragging rights and the championships. But I think you can have both, and it's not as sweet when you have both. When ND fans have to admit Brian Kelly is a nut job even though if they like the wins he's brought to the's bittersweet.

At LSU it's acceptable. Schools like Michigan and Notre Dame, it would always be bettersweet to have that "win at all costs" attitude. Too many people like that "we're better than you" facade. Too many people like the fact that we're not Nick Saban and Alabama, Cam Newton and Auburn, Florida State and everyone, etc.

Guys like Les Miles don't coach at Michigan and Notre Dame, no matter what you or I think. Just doesn't happen. Along the same lines that we'd never recruit Demar Dorsey again if you look at mine, and other posts in that thread.


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I don't like him because I think he's a dirty SEC coach but a lot of people on this board (and Carr and Brandon) really hate him. Anything specific?


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He and Saban are the best two in the country at "oversigning" or "screwing over 18 year olds". Miles had a kid moving into his dorm room who got a phone call that they didn't have a scholarship for him. IIRC Miles didn't even make the phone call himself. I just wish the MSM would comment on how the #1 and #2 teams in the nation oversign like nobody else


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as the oversigning is allowed by the NCAA and SEC. They aren't/ weren't hiding it either as a simple google search will reveal their verbal commits. It's just how it is in the SEC and they winn NCs because of it. The NCAA can, but hasn't stopped oversigning.


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The reason I do not care for Miles is the same as yours.  As far as Carr and Brandon go, there are rumors (unsubstantiated as far as I know) out there that Miles may have been romantically involved with a fellow assistant's wife while on staff at Michigan.  If true it certainly explains why indiviuals within the university hate him.


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Apparently Bacon claims that Carr and Brandon believed rumors that Miles was recruiting negatively against Michigan using rumors about Carr's health. From what I've heard, Bacon didn't pass judgement on these in his book other than to say that he thought Carr believed it, which would obviously be enough for Carr to have strong feelings about Miles.


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There really isn't any doubt whatsoever that Lloyd Carr, with good reason, believed that Lester was negative recruiting against Lloyd, and specifically using alleged Parkinson's.  This is "old news".  Jai Eugene was committed to Michigan, decommitted to LSU.  There were bad feelings before that, even, and LSU's recruiting in that instance futher sullied the relationship.  Those who have been here long enough recall all the talk and rumors about Lester and Parkinson's etc. etc. 

More than that, though, the history between Lester, Moeller, Bo and Lloyd goes back much further, all the way to Lester's time at Michigan.  His "style" went on with Colorado and Ok State.  He's been successful, but his "character" issues have pretty much trailed him everywhere he's been. 

There was a very poignant quote from Bill Martin after Lloyd's retirement presser to the effect that "there was a campaign" being conducted for the Michigan job, and he (Bill Martin) wasn't going to get involved in it.  He was referring to Lester's efforts to pool the football family around him.   I wouldn't believe one word that Les said to Bacon or anyone else about what went down.  Everything he does is to serve one purpose -- to futher his own agenda and benefit.


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I wish we could re-write the last three seasons of Michigan football.


But we are where we are, and I am perfectly happy with our coach.  We have the right man for the job!


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Given what we know about Carr, I'm pretty sure that his response to the hiring of a coach-in-waiting wouldn't have been much more graceful than how Bill Stewart took it. Especially if you brought in a strong personality like Harbaugh.

Carr's hiring of Loeffler over Harbaugh for QB coach in '02 said a lot about his mindset. He wants to be surrounded by "his guys" and feels threatened by those outside his clique.



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I like Miles and will be rooting like hell for his team to beat Alabama.

Until I get anything even approaching concrete about why Carr and his cronies hate LM so much, I just have to assume it's that faction again being the butthurt crybabies they have shown themselves to be.



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Michigan's most electric offense-only player since Bo recruited Anthony Carter from the same South Florida region, who is most able to lead a bruised program forward.

Schembechler was right: A Michigan Man did show up. But it turned out to be Robinson, a mature-beyond-his-years Rodriguez recruit who probably would never have had a chance in Schembechler's spread-averse system."

Brandon told Angelique that he wasn't going to read the book, which is myopic and unprofessional.


October 24th, 2011 at 2:49 PM ^

And I think DB and his staff absolutely should read the book, if for any other reason than they ought to know what people around them are talking about. Really though, this is an open, critical take at the past three years, and shouldn't they use it to learn what lessons there are to learn?

I think it is foolish to have your head in the sand at this point.

FWIW, I am guessing that DB took a less than aggressive approach on Harbaugh, and paid Les a visit to save face on both sides. He wanted to look publicly like he was courting both, but he was concerned over the public persona of each. To maintain the aura of we took a run at both, he really couldn't comment.


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Here is the first:



Today: Bill Martin's coaching search

Tuesday: Rich Rodriguez takes over

Wednesday: The NCAA investigation

Thursday: A watershed moment against Illinois

Friday: Finally a bowl, but no fight left


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Madonna wrote the song "Material Girl" after Miles handed her a charm bracelet he found in the garbage to apologize for giving her herpes.

Miles has never heard the song.  He only listens to GWAR (he actually understands all of their lyrics and on-stage antics).