Interesting Kris Frost Quote/Changed Visit Date

Submitted by Swenet1111 on October 6th, 2010 at 11:00 AM

We all know that you cant read into what a recruit says too much and yet, we all do it anyway. As such, I was reading about Kris Frost who just changed his visit date from the Michigan State game to the Wisconsin game and thought this quote was interesting:

I've definitely been tuning in every game and watching closely offensively and defensively," he said. "I am really impressed with what I have seen so far. They've had a few close ones, but with how we were last year, this year is looking real good. I'm confident about the rest of the season.

The fact that he used "we" in referring to Michigan Football is pretty cool. Also, by visiting for the Wisconsin game he will be with all of the Dr. Phillips kids including some dude named Dee Hart who is hopefully a Michigan commitment by then. Frost and Dee were also at Auburn together earlier in the year and Hart has eliminated Auburn from his list. Lets hope that we can continue our momentum through October and beyond and that it begins to have tangible results on the recruiting front. All good things. 



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Once again though, have to bring up my interest oh Thomas Rawls though, kid looks like a beast and is breaking all of mark ingrahms rushing records? plus i noticed while watching his highlights that the kid has a tendency to fall forward for another yard or two on almost every play... say what you will, but that is an excellent bonus on any back...

Nosce Te Ipsum

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I know plans get in the way of things sometimes but it seems like this kid has gone back on every visit he has scheduled to Michigan. On that alone I don't think we are the front runners. I know it is between Auburn and Michigan but I would give Auburn a sizable lead seeing as how he has gone there numerous times and the fact that they are a top ten team in the SEC (ESPN bias).


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of visits.  Auburn is located a lot closer to this kid than Ann Arbor.  Plus, with the seasons we've had along with the head coach/stability issues, I would not have been looking forward to a trip to A2 either.

I'd rather get that kid next month after we have hopefully gotten ourselves up to 8-9-10 wins, a very light slap on the wrist from the NCAA and good vibes about our head coach. 

Auburn will get its due soon enough.  They've been lucky so far this year so they should have a few losses soon...hopefully.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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Nothing you've said really alleviates the fact that it seems Auburn is ahead. It's not so much the number of visits to Auburn as it is the fact that he has canceled all of his trips to Ann Arbor (at least the ones I am aware of). I don't know if this is a financial issue because I know he is compt for the official. I haven't watched film on him so all I have to go on is his rankings from the recruiting services and as far as they are concerned he is a pretty damn good linebacker/athlete. He is extremely important because of that.


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If we're gonna read that much into his quote, you just cant igonre the 1st word of that sentence.  "They've"....I was also excited to see him use "we" and at least that's what he referred to M as last