Interesting Debate on "Mike & Mike"

Submitted by Ron_Lippitt on April 11th, 2012 at 9:28 AM

Was listening to Mike & Mike on the way in to work this morning.  They were having an interesting debate on which I'd love to hear the board's opinion.

If one day in the future, your son were being recruited by both Bobby Petrino and Jim Tressel  who, for the sake of argument, were both head coaches at two big-time programs ---which program would you be more likely to counsel your son to attend?

Personally, it goes against everything I am to say this, but I think I'd rather have my son be a part of a Tressel-run program.  Tressel made huge mistakes to be sure, and had the hubris to actually believe he acted in his players best interest - which we now know, of course, was hilariously self-serving.  But his failure to act appropriately only violated NCAA rules -- which are complicated at best.  Whereas Petrino, we're not sure how deep the rabbit hole goes on this one, but it seems to violate every moral barometer you'd expect of a head coach.  Both coaches are superior tacticians.  Both coaches have nearly fanatic support from their respective players/alumni.  Both coaches send players regularly to the next level.

Petrino and Tressel will likely land on their feet (eventually).  So the question stands.




April 11th, 2012 at 7:35 PM ^

Really late to the game here ...

I can see picking Petrino for at least one reason: There's a shorter distance between Public Petrino and Real Petrino than there is/was betweeen Public Tressel and Real Tressel.

Pretty much everyone knows Petrino is a jacka$$ and he doesn't (AFAICS) go too far out of his way to play defense on that point. Tressel, however, has inspired "WWTD?" thinking in O-H-I-O while playing loose behind-the-scenes.