Interesting Crystal Ball Development Tommy Tremble:

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Today Michigan got a crystal ball for Tommy Tremble just a day after he committed to Notre Dame. The crystal ball is from SBNation Director of Recruiting Bud Elliott, which is significant because he was one of the first recruitniks to interview Tommy Tremble, a little over a year ago.  With Ben VanSumeren likely to commit, it could be an interesting couple of days. 



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I think the coaches had a similiar feeling, especially Patridge.  Sounds to me like things are coming down to a number issue.  People assume because they offer Bell & VS that we are desperate, and it's not the case.  They have a certain amount of guys they want at each position, each year.  This strategy is tried and true for the Harbaugh's, and nothing is going to change their minds.

 My feeling is that if you are not on that early signing period list, they are not counting it in the bag.  With the flip of Jobe to Bama it proves that these elite kids will flip, and in fact have a tendency to.  The coaches were not expecting to miss on both Anderson and VJ.(admissions)  I think, they have begun to come around to the fact that until their top 2/3 (barrett, Petit-frere, Friday) kids are inked, that it's anyone's game. 

The coaches WILL close strong.  They outwork their peers, and it's going to show up on NSD.  Not sure who, or when yet.  The past 2 weeks have been crazy, and there are people inside Schem Hall who think we have some highly ranked kids coming.  

Bowl prep is in full.  I to am in the Peters boat.  I think he has an incredible bowl game, and takes the pole position now and keeps it.  Regardless of whether Shea gets cleared, I think Peters is the guy.  

Don't be surpsried if the transfer announcements start coming in. Harris, Speight, Hall, and Moe are close or already agreed is the word.  





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I'm not a subscriber so I didn't see the discussion, but didn't the director of recruiting at 247Sports (Wiltfong) as well as Lorenz basically call out our top two offensive coaches as being not very good recruiters (including on the effort front)?  I can see Harbaugh lighting a fire under folks after a disappointing year (offense statistically on the level of Randy Edsall's UConn team), but I haven't heard anything to suggest that our current offensive coaches outwork their peers in recruiting or are adept at it.  (Wheatley and Fisch both seemed to get accolades on the recruiting front.)  What are your thoughts on the situtation?   


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Drevno is on 4-6 top OL/TE guys every year and his success rate is better than most.  Patridge and Jay are both outkicking their coverage, and Pep narrowed in on 2 guys for this cycle and got them both.  Hugh Freeze complained about this, and other coaches feel the same way. JH told us all in his first year, he's a jackhammer. Sure, both coach Wheatley and Fisch are missed, but they both had roles that are being covered by more coaches now (Fisch woked on west coast and Wheat was in charge of Detroit-among other things) Not sure this answers your question.  I do think that whomever the new hires are they will have some recruiting experience, if not expertise.   


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I appreciate the response and the information.  I'm inclined to have a different take on Pep narrowing in on two guys and getting them,* but I appreciate your perspective.  I hope Harbaugh's jackhammer focus and work ethic spills over to everyone on the staff.

*If I remember correctly, we lost out on Dorian Thompson-Robinson (to UCLA and Fisch), we could not hang on to Tyler Shough (decommitted and then flipped to UNC), and added Doyle only after Pep saw him playing on a nationally broadcast program.  It also looks like we are going to go 0-for-4 on the nationally ranked WRs that Pep is targeting.  



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a) Shough was never committed to Michigan.

b) Top receivers would be coming in a year after perhaps Michigan's best WR class in history (Peoples-Jones, Black, Martin, Collins). It was always going to be tough to get good WR recruits in the 2018 class after last year's haul.


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This makes plenty of logical sense. But, is it true of elite programs? Seems to me like recruits are gonna go to elite programs regardless of the depth chart. To be fair, I'm thinking of OSU, Bama, etc. Bama gets the best RBs seemingly every year. OSU has a crowded depth chart every year and 5-stars are still flocking there.


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Not looking for a fight. I just don’t know what it means to be elite I guess. Everyone can agree on Alabama and OSU but then who? Is it longevity? Last 5 years? Current coach? I sincerely don’t know. But whatever. It appears to be a non-starter so I guess we’ll drop it.


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Currently, those three teams have been in the Top 5 of BCS playoffs since the start, so yes. If Michigan wants to be elite, they will go u defeated and go to the Playoffs, and beat Ohio States and rest of the East. Talent is there, games have been close, but they have to finish. Swinney got Clemson to be the top by consistently winning. Since year 4 of his career, he’s been good for 11-win minimum seasons.


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a) My mistake on Shough.  But my point still stands: it really wasn't the case that Pep targeted two people in the class and got them both.  He targeted Shough (and UM had also targeted DTR) as a QB.  And that is just on the QB side.

b) Regarding WRs, St. Brown is going to USC, who signed a 5 star WR last year.  Babb is going to OSU, who signed a top-50 WR and a top-200 WR last year.  But yes, UM's WR class last year was very good.  (While Hamilton is credited in part on Collins and Martin, DPJ was recruited by Fisch and Wheatley and Tarik Black was recruited by Jay Harbaugh and Don Brown.)

c.) You are tied into recruiting more than almost any of us.  Do you think Pep Hamilton is an excellent recruiter, on the level of the coaches from OSU, Alabama, and USC?  He is the third highest paid offensive assistant/coordinator in the country, I believe (tied with Drevno, who is also making $1.15M).   


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You say people have more info about recruiting than you do, but you continue to argue what they're saying.  Whatever...  It seems clear to me that you are only bitching about Pep because you don't like him.  That's your issue, not ours, not his, and not Harbaugh's.


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Sits in his basement eating paste, gathering “information” in order to trash people from behind the keyboard in a slimy, insinuating way, implying people don’t “work hard,” trying to look like the intelligent concerned citizen when in fact he’s just a troll.



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I'm not the director of recruiting for 247Sports.  He made the original comments publicly on Pep and Drevno -- not me, not some fan on Twitter.  If you wish to ignore his comments, go right ahead.  I am interested in intelligent responses to those comments.  GhostofJermaine gave his thoughts, and I appreciate his perspective.  I asked Magnus if he thought Pep was an excellent recruiter.  You seem to have concluded that I (or maybe the folks at 247Sports?) have some sort of personal animus toward particular coaches, which seems like a terrible conclusion.  But if that is your takeaway from the conversation, so be it. 


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Your phony, know-it-all "but i'm an impartial observer just askin' questions" pose is nauseating. Some comment from 247 Sports? Who the F are they? If you really wanted knoweldge you'd get off your ass, stop trolling for dirt on Michigan's coaches, get in the field, or like a proper journalist, since you're so interested in other people, go ASK the coaches what they do in their job, the details of recent hits and misses, and their approach. Instead you sit there and quote some stupid website as a way to come on here and passive-aggressively bash Michigan's coaches.

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It was Wiltfong.

He criticized, the offensive line development, and to a slightly lesser extent, the offensive line recruiting. This is no doubt being used by our adversaries in negative recruiting.

Although it is kind of hard to pinpoint what exactly the problem is there, imo, I agree with him to an extent. Whatever it is, something is definitely off. We are unable to land the top tackle prospects, and elite RB's.

I just don't know that it can be placed squarely on the shoulders of one man. What's really maddening, is that this staff has had amazing success in the past. Both as a complete staff, and individually at other stops.

We were much better at run blocking this year, and that truly is something to smile about. :)

Honk if Ufer M…

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Before you decide you're on board with BP having a big bowl you might want to think back to the frustrating premature departurlation of one Mr. M. McGary Esq. 

After all,we don't want to see that he's Still Smokin since he doesn't want his Nice Dreams to go Up in Smoke by the NCAA telling him to Get Out of My (qb) Room, because that would really show that Things Are Tough All Over for this program.


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That this one would go right down to the first signing opportunity. Prior to his commitment to ND, Webb had it 51/49 Michigan, but no matter what team he committed to, that team would have to work to hang on to him until he signed.

Sounds like maybe there is still a little going on behind the scenes.


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The way I read your post was two separate statements.

"I don't think." Full stop. Not exactly self-flattery, but people say odd things on the internet.

"Tommy Tremble is coming to Michigan." The rationale seemed odd--it's what his parents wanted. But, he wouldn't be the first contrarian teenager in the history of young men coming into their own, either.

Then, I re-read your post in the way that I suspect that you actually intended it, and it became far less interesting. 

I wouldn't be surprised see Tommy flip. He's already trembling, as it is...


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Wrong—Harbaugh is NOT looking at VanSumeren as an LB—he's going to be on offense:

The most noteworthy part of the Michigan offer – other than coming from a high-profile, home-state school 97 miles down the road – is that Harbaugh said he plans to use VanSumeren as an H-back, fullback or off-the-line tight end. VanSumeren said Iowa had him slotted as a linebacker.

“In talking to Coach Harbaugh, I said ‘Coach, what were we missing in this whole process? Because we think he is an offensive kid.’ And he said ‘We think he is, too.’

“They think he would be a solid outside linebacker, but he could be so much more on the offensive side. That’s pretty exciting.”…


December 16th, 2017 at 7:48 PM ^

Iowa really like the kid and has not pulled his offer because he visited.
I think they see been as more of a fb-h-back from looking at his film. So, one would not necessarily impact the other unless it came down to the final spot in the class.

Who Me

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Ah, Norte Dame is a fine Catholic institution Mr. and Mrs. Tremble, but is it hypocrisy that you yearn for your son to learn? That is the question.