Interesting article from Sam Webb on Glenville/Ted Ginn, Sr.

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Not sure if this was just high school coach speak because I always thought of Ted Ginn, Sr.  with a pure ohio bias, but he had some kind words for our coaches.  

“Brady is my guy,” said Ginn with a smile. “(Greg) Mattison’s my guy from way back. Brady has taken care of a lot of my kids. I had about seven kids at Ball State. I remember Brady when I had Pierre Woods (at Michigan). So he was Pierre’s coach and we have always had a good relationship. When he got the job back here it opened up a lot of doors for my kids, as you can see.”


The article also looks at the recruitment of Lattimore and Smith from Glenville.  I'm not getting my hopes up for U of M to get either of these guys, but at least, maybe, they'll avoid ohio, as well.



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At around that time, he sent a super-talented linebacker to Michigan.  The kid played like a beast as a sophomore, then rarely saw the field the rest of his career.  Then he didn't get drafted, despite being talented enough to eventually stay in the NFL for 5 years.

On the other hand, his son goes to OSU, at a position UM didn't want to let him play, and  earned various All-American honors and went in the top-10 of the NFL draft.  He also sent them an unheralded QB who no one else really pursued and that guy won the Heisman Trophy.  Donte Whitner also went on to be a top-10 pick and just went to the Pro Bowl this past season.

Not a shock that he would steer his kids there instead of to A2, really.


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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell, Ted Ginn Sr. is starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Giving Michigan jerseys to Glenville commits is a good start.


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and take the flack, but I liked RR, I liked what he was trying to do with much resistance...but it's apparent he was a HORRIBLE recruiter and had incompetent staff around him. I wasn't really sure about the Hoke hire, but just like RR I gave him a chance and he's proven to be all that has been billed. Amazing job he has done clearly and this article speaks to it. In a day and age of complete snarkery and snake oil sales at an all time high, it seems these guys come in honest and real and kids respect it. On top of it all, they can back up all they say with quality football, quality academics, and everything they promise. When you add social media and kids recruiting other kids, it will become an unstopable force. Great to see repeated time and time again. Hoke has made me a believer in the future of Michigan football.


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RR may have made it if he somehow got Casteel to come, and/or stopped digging deeper with his behavior, as he did not seem conscientious of the tradition and everything that came before him....     imagine had he brought a legacy coach with him like Mattison, and deferred on tradition to him...   in this case, RR may have made it here.  But both things were needed.

RR is good at creating something from nothing... Arizona is a good spot for him.