Interesting Article on 2012 Recruit Chris Wormley

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The Toledo Blade has an article on the two Toledo Whitmer DE going to Div. 1 schools.  kenny Hayes is committed to tOSU and 2012 Recruit Chris Wormley.  Although this quote is a little unsettling:

"It would be nice and I would say there's a good chance,” Wormley said of joining Hayes as a Buckeye. “But I'm still looking at all my options and hopefully I'll figure out the right thing for me."

I hope he goes Blue.



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considering your username, maybe you should get to work on that on the homefront. I'm thinking keying "Ohio State Rulez" into the side of his car would be a great start. (kidding, obviously!)


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No he hasn't.  Wormley is a U of M fan and said from the beginning that Michigan was his favorite.  He didn't start saying that OSU was his favorite until recruiting went into a dead period and, lo and behold, he comes out of it saying that he hasn't heard from U of M so OSU was his favorite b/c they kept recruiting him.  Saying that OSU has always been is leader is a grossly incorrect statement.


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is this past summer, Michigan invited him to go to football camp.  He chose not to attend there.  He went to Columbus for OSU football camp.  That does not make any sense to me because Columbus is a longer drive from Toledo than Ann Arbor.  If he really loves Michigan like he claimed it to be, he would've made both trips since both were at different time.

West Texas Blue

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Michigan is behind in this recruiting battle so far. Contact rules hampered UM and Buckeyes did good job getting Wormley (shadyly though). We are going to have to put lots of Ws, competitive game with OSU, and best recruiting effort ever by Rod to win this battle.


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When I read stuff like this (from TomVH):

"The coaches told me how much they want me. I want them to keep doing that, and just make me feel better about them,"

I get the impression he's more interested in KMA attention than he is attending and playing for the University of Michigan.


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While Id be excited ot land Wormley, its 2010. 

Recruiting usually boils down to 5 things:

1. Is the coach secure in his job

2. Are the athletic facilities better/even with the other schools

3. Is the program either close enough for family to travel or national enough to be on TV every weekend.

4. Does the family/player like the coach?

5. Does the player see himself fitting in this scheme?



1. Up for grabs at the moment

2. Yes

3. In this case yes

4.  RR seems to go out of his way to meet individually with recruits and parents to get to know them on a 1on1 basis.

5.  Offensive lineman fit in almost every scheme, only benefit of our scheme is that most lineman like run blocking more than pass blocking, and we run. A lot.

So, until we start getting into visits and whatnot, there isnt much to worry about. Especially because we still have big time recruits on the board for 2011.


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andI am in touch with another fellow alum that is close to the program  - coaches, players and parents.  He has been telling me about Wormley for a long time.  The kid is a huge Michigan fan.  But, he felt he has been largely ignored by Michigan while OSU has been showering him with attention.  He was on the sideline at the horseshoe for at least one game last year.  He finally made it up to A2 for the UConn game.  According to my fellow alum the report afterwards from Chris's mom and her boyfriend was that likes the school but didn't like the disorganization of the recruit handling.  His belief is he is 50/50...and ND is also in the mix. 

For those not familiar with the geography, Whitmer HS (also Kevin Koger's alma mater) is less than a mile from the Michigan border, so the trip to Ann Arbor is about 45 minutes at most. 


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I think it is pretty obvious with the NCAA over our shoulder we are following recruiting to the letter of the law and that's probably the main reason a lot of the 2012 kids seem to have the same comments about not getting enough "love."

I have no doubts the kid is probably high priority, but we have to be extremely careful not to break any kind of rule right now, like everyone says though keep winning and the results will speak for themselves.


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Probably, I swear someone had said tuosu had reported like 30 secondary violations for last season....NCAA doesn't seem to care about secondary crap as long as your report it and keep doing it i guess.

Sadly, it's gonna take a few years before we can get into a position to report secondary violations and not have to worry about anything.


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I work with a man whose daughter is actually dating Chris.  He's echoed the same that most people have said in terms of Chris being a life long fan of Michigan.  As far as the OSU "love" thing, he said that stems more from him being Kenny Hayes best friend.  He said it was more of an issue of Kenny being a commit telling him how much the buckeye coaches "want" him there.  My co-worker hasn't tried to influence him too much, but has repeatedly spoken of the Michigan education if the football doesn't pan out in the future.  Let's hope Chris does go blue though!!!!!!!


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Personally, I think we're still in great shape with Wormley.  But we'll see. 

And, in due respect to the Whitmer Grad above, I'll add another school to the mix. I'm hearing he has a strong interest actually in MSU. Just what my Toledo grapevine is saying.  But I think thats grandstanding with a dose or two of hearsay thrown in and more of a reflection on who the top team is that has offered so far. I generally dont post the grapevine stuff unless its direct and this is decidely not, but hey Wormley was a topic of conversation earlier today in this circle, so why not share. Not sure if either UM or OSU has formally offered. Someone please correct me on that if I am wrong.

Regardless, bigtime game tomorrow with Whitmer and St. Johns. Mich recruit Jack Miller is the SJ OT and he will probably be matched up with Wormley or Hayes on every snap. Personally, I think St John's smokes them tomorrow night, but thats just me.


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be at that game tomorrow.  And yes, I do believe St. Johns wins.  They have looked impressive thus far.  As for Wormley, I think he ends up all Buckeye when all said and done.  He sees the dominant defense year in and year out.  Kenny Hayes will definitely direct him in the RIGHT direction.


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Recruits watch this defense and do not want any part of recruits that is. 


It's passive, non attacking.  What dline wants to play a non attacking roll, forget front 3 or 4 man dline....they want to penetrate and make plays. 

Lbers, who the heck wants to be a lber in a defense that does not attack at all, lets olneman come free and blast you....

Db's, 12yds off the los is so exciting! 


Seriously, Robinson stated this would be an attacking defense and untill they do attack and start making plays they will not land many top rated recruits. 


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Wrong. Gerg was a good coach for the first 2 games and then became a bad coach after last game. In other news, denard is the best player in America.....until he has an off day, at which point he will suck and we will call for Tate to start. Also, I can't prove it, but I am pretty sure it is Gerg's fault that will Campbell hasn't played better. What recruit will want to come here when Gerg can't make true sophomores all Americans?