Interactions with Buckeyes this week

Submitted by Real and Spectacular on November 30th, 2016 at 1:49 PM
Curious to hear what the interactions have been with OSU fans this week. My companies rep from Toledo was talking an incredible amount of smack before the game to me, was dead silent during the game, and then proceeded to rub it in immediately after. When I pointed out the officiating I was met with crybaby taunts and claims that OSU had just as many bad calls go against them. I was furious. I'm not sure why I expected any different but I thought even a Buckeye fan would admit they stole that one. Curious to hear from others on this.



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I simply avoided talking about the officiating altogether as it just isn't going to make me come off well, I just said it wasn't a first down, but the game should never have come to that.  The Buckeye at work is a good guy and a fellow Service Academy grad, so it's in both our interest to keep the trash talk mild.  He gave me an O-H-I-O and then we both agreed the game was a great game and that we hoped future games would be similarly good.  

Then again I live in Nashville, so we're removed from the heart of darkness in Ohio and have to put up with SEC crud.

Maison Bleue

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I was talking to a co-worker (OSU fan) and said that both OSU and UM deserve to be in the playoff. He says, "The only team that deserves to be in the playoff, is the team that won the game on Saturday!" So I said, "I would agree with you, but I don't think refs would fair very well against Alabama." He laughed, so I guess that's nice?


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Ohio State fans are insufferable and one should avoid talking to them. If interaction is indeed necessary, it's best to avoid direct eye contact or make any sudden movements or gestures. Just slowly move away without revealing your back, which incites rage.


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Instead of interacting with Buckeyes this week, I decided to hammer a rusty railroad spike into my testicles. I figured that would be less painful... 


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Hmm, not sure. Hey, I have an idea! We can kill two birds with one stone here. Let's meet up and we can talk while I'm hammering a railroad spike through your testes. That way, I will have experienced both a "testicle spike" and talking to a Buckeye, and you can experience both as well. Then, in your hospital room, we can compare notes and come to a conclusion about the relative pain of the two. :-D


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If the buckeye leaf helmet sticker is so cool, how come you never wear it on your helmet?

The OSU helmets on Saturday were a really crappy amateurish look.

Honestly, we Michigan fans thought it sucked, but the game on Saturday is going to go down as one of the greatest "wins" in Ohio State history.  

Too bad every time you look at it you are going to have to see those lame helmets instead of the classic Buckeye helmet.  Future generations are going to think it was some other team.


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He totally and completely botched the "tattoo fiasco" by not self-bowl banning a 6-6 team. Then doubled down by saying the seniors (who put OSU in that position by selling their stuff) deserved a bowl. Then tripled down by being blindsided a bowl ban was even possible. Anyone with a brain could have seen the negative public perception of the time was going to force the NCAA to issue a bowl ban. His mistakes cost OSU a shot at a title in 2012. Other than that (how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?), he's been fine.


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Send him links to the various bad calls and officials backgrounds, and then challenge him to provide proof of calls that went against OSU.  I'd really like to see that response!  Because, for the life of me, I can't think of one myself...  But I do believe a holding call, or two, against UM's OL could probably be found.  I mean, holding can be called on most plays, after all.  But if that's all they got, it isn't much...


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Funny enough, someone did just that, just re: UM holding on the offensive line:…

I'm man enough to admit that OSU got away with a PI on that last UM drive.  I do however believe the spot was correct and that the PI against UM was also correct.

Sometimes calls go more your way, and sometimes they don't.

Sometimes you're going to lose a close game because of a bad call near the end.  It sucks, but that's life. Take a gander at the link again, though, and maybe you can rest a little easier knowing your guys got away with a whole bunch of holding that didn't get called:…

No doubt holds were missed on OSU's line as well, but until you show me, I'll go ahead and believe UM held more ;)

Regardless, great game, your boys would have deserved a victory had it happened that way.

L'Carpetron Do…

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Another play I haven't seen people talk about is the only big play on OSU's first drive, a 22 yard run by Barrett. He ended up with a big hole up the middle but Glasgow had a step on his man who hooked him from behind and proceeded to push him out of the way.  On the replay its pretty clear.  But no mention by Fowler or Herbstreit.

OSU missed the field goal so it ultimately didnt matter.  But looking back on it - it definitely set a tone for how the game would be officiated.  Not one holding call all day?  On the best defense in the country?  Overmatched offensive lines who are constantly under pressure and giving up sacks all game tend to, ya know, hold a lot.  Amazed the Buckeyes were so disciplined!

At the time I texted to my friends - 'was a M defensive lineman just straight-up tackled on that play?'


Sorry no more kvetching


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I took some photos of really obvious misses by the refs. That was one of them. He had him from the back with an arm around his body and just drove him to the ground. Was right in front of the ref. I think the refs must have been focusing on the sky or the sidelines or anything that wasn't directly in their line of sight.

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