Insufferable, super nice Bama fans

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I'm having trouble coming to grips with my feelings for Bama fans.

We went to Dallas with 3 Alabam fans who couldn't have been cooler or more knowledgable in College football.  Every Bama fan we met leading up to the game was extroardinarly nice and egaging.  They all wanted to talk about the game and get our persepctive.  However, it always seemed like they were waiting for us to concede their superiority as much as wanting us to give them our thoughts.

During the game, we sat next to a dozen Bama fans who never once taunted or even looked our way whent things started going bad.  They only wanted to cheer for their team's success and really seemed to get no joy from our suffering.  One random Bama guy offered up his loaded nachos as a peace offering during the 2nd half. 

When we were leaving with a few minutes left in the game, they all stood up to shake our hands, say "good game" and honestly wish us a safe trip.

However, it just doesn't feel right.  It was as if we were 7 year olds on the basketball court playing the grownup, and the grownup wouldn't take any satisfaction from beating the little kid.  I'm not even going to use the "little brother" analogy, but.....

Although they were super nice, it felt so condecending I can't reconcile my feelings of anger and appreciation.



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These particular individuals might just be nice fans.  There are quite a few Bama fans who are jerks, but maybe these realize that not that long ago Alabama was rebuilding a bit and were not anywhere close to MNC candidates.  And who knows, they might not stay on top that long.  


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Way better than the MSU fans who texted me after every single bad thing we did/ good thing bama did, like I wasnt there suffering myself...

Msu fans can burn in the depths


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Nothing should amaze you about MSU fans. They must not remember playing bama in a bowl game after the 2010 season. They played a weaker bama team and lost by 42 points as I remember (49-7).

There is not a team in the B10 this season that could play with that team we played last night.. We need to work to be ready to play come Oct 20th in the Big House and put these fuck heads back in their place


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That was the response from the spartys at the bar I was at and others I know.

"It was two years ago and what happens two years ago doesn't matter today and this MSU team would have lost but only by 3." is what a couple of them told which made me laugh. So I asked for a score and they gave 23-20 for Alabama (a couple said 31-10 MSU) which made me laugh harder. I told them they wouldn't cross the 50 just LSU in the BCS game until the 4th quarter which was met with "yeah right Walverine". Then they preceded to talk up Boise St. and how great they've been the last three years which led me to point out if two years ago didn't matter why should three?

They honestly didn't get what I was getting at. I "misremembered" what I was talking with and realized it was like trying to teach my bulldog how to cook me dinner.



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Seconded on the bama fans. We pre-gamed at thee Hooters near the stadium and a father-son shared their table with 5 Michigan fans for about 4 hours an could not have been nicer or more knowledgable. As were all the Alabama fans i ran into this weekend.

We may have gotten our ass kicked but I have a new found respect for their fans.


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I met some real pieces of work.. They are all clones and its scary. Comb overs, polo's and button ups and dresses

. I mean i understand you have a real issue with attempting to change our perception of the south but my god.. Literally all looked the same. I love the fact that they knowingly have close to no academic standards and attempt to put on this facade of the complete opposite. Its laughable at best.


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There is a general truth to this.  People raised in the south by parents of southern heritage do put considerable emphasis on courtesy, respect and manners.

Exceptions to the general rule exist, of course.  But in general, it's true.

I lived in North Carolina back in the 80's and what I learned there was this -- (a) they were exceptionally courteous and gracious, and (b) they had backbones of steel if you eff'd with them.  I left NC deeply impressed with their general hospitality.


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All the fans were amazing. They take football very seriously. I thought that we'd travelled better than they did due to seeing far more Michigan fans walking on the streets, but once in the stadium it was probably 60% Bama fans. They dress classier for the games too. Very few Bama fans not in a collared shirt or a sun dress.

Every Bama fan I met after the game knows that we're "rebuilding" from the RichRod era and changing our style of play. They also realize that Bama almost hired RichRod and that Saban only went 7-6 his first year.

death by trident

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However, it always seemed like they were waiting for us to concede their superiority as much as wanting us to give them our thoughts.


Don't know about anyone else, but I read this post as projection bias.  True or not, it provides an interesting insight into the OP's subconscious thoughts.


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I will say, I have a few friends who are Bama fans and they were all really cool about the game. They all mentioned we are in a rebuilding period and brought up how great Hoke has done in the short time he has been there. I feel like Bama fan in general understand that if they were to take the low road it would only discredit the program as a whole. Unfortunately, Ohio fans don't get that, but I blame that on a lot of pregnancy boozing...

Go Blue!


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With Bama fans before, during and after the game. Had a great tailgate in Lot 11 with UM and Bama fan alike. We hosted Beirut and Flip cup games and they graciously provided delicious Southern BBQ.

What can I say: they were good people.

turd ferguson

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I was actually impressed with the way that the Bama players carried themselves.  I didn't see them jawing at Michigan players, it felt like a very clean game, and there were quite a few friendly gestures like helping Michigan players up after a play.  It seemed like Hoke and Saban had a cordial handshake after the game, too.


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Definitely agree with this.  Setting aside over-signing and any allegations of recruiting shenanigans, I would also say Saban conducted himself with class.  People might not like to admit it, but he could have put up more than 41, and seemed to call off the dogs near the end there play calling-wise.  Combine that with the way the 'Bama players conducted themselves and executed their gameplan - I would be proud to see Michigan acting in the same way were the positions reversed.  Hats off to a well-coached, classy performance.  They should make a lot of folks look silly this year.


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It's easy to act that way when your team is that good. When I was at the 2000 orange bowl their fans were worse. I'm only a dick if the teams are close. I'm never a dick to northwestern, purdue, Minnesota fans, etc.


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Just got back from the debacle in Dallas. I would say all of the bama fans I encountered were very gracious. Given how much alcohol was sold during the game I expected much worse. Even today flying back through Atlanta with a ton of bama fans on the plane not one person made a smart remark to those of us sporting the maize and blue. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if they had been MSU or OSU fans.


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I was curious as to how the Alabama fans were given how rabid ESS-EEE-SEE fans are.

So far the bottom of the barrel has always been MSU fans, even worse the OSU fans. After sparty its the Buckeyes but I've always disliked the Penn State fans and had some really mouthy ones tailgating nearby in 2007 after "The Horror". After Manninghams catch in the endzone I couldn't wait to get back to the tailgate and yes, it was served cold. 

Thes best fans for me were the UConn fans and the UMass fans. They were really excited to be there regardless of the outcome of the game and asked a million questions about the stadium, Ann Arbor etc. before and after. Never had a problem with ND fans either but I found Minnesota fans were a little mouthy last year as they walked around. USC fans are mix for sure but most were cool in 2007 at the Rose Bowl, especially the people we sat around. The drunken Brody Jenner look-a-likes in the parking lot after were total d-bags to the point where other USC fans told them to shut up. 

So its good to hear that the Bama fans were cordial because they could have been real jerks given how the game played out. 

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Funny, I live in the south, but I'm still a die hard maize and blue fan, and this contradicts every stereotype that I have held based on what I've witnessed in Bama fans and other SEC fans.  And southern hospitality... just a giant hoax.


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My experience with southern hospitality is if you treat them with respect and courtesy, they will gladly return the same.  Treat them poorly and they will not take kindly to it.   That's generally true everywhere, but down south they place an emphasis on manners and grace, and are ready to offer both up to those who extend a hand of friendship.

South TX MFan

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Every single Bama fan I encountered at the game was very nice, and was gracious in victory. The only total douchebag I encountered was a Michigan fan screaming obscenities in coach Hoke's direction the whole game before being confronted by the people in front of him.

Mr. Robot

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Sounds like Alabama fans are a lot like Notre Dame fans. Run of the mill guys are terrible, but the ones who actually go to their games and know a lot about football tend to be nicer.

To clarify, I am basing my experience with ND fans with how I was treated two years ago at their place against the kind of fan I and probably many others run into on the streets or at work. It was kind of creepy how nice they were, actually. I'm going back this year, so we'll see how that goes the second time, especially if we beat them in the last moments for the 4th time in a row.


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Even down here behind enemy lines, fans have been respectful. They no doubt talk but its good natured. Everyone I ran into whether at work or just out and about all felt very confident about winning the game, but they also had much respect for Michigan and expected us to come to play.

Big Shot

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They were nice because we're not their rivals and they don't really respect our football program. The way they view us is the same way we view San Diego State or Air Force. We know they're decent teams, but we also know that we should beat them.

I was in Tuscaloosa for the Bama-LSU game in 2009, and it wasn't even remotely the same. Fans were talking trash, arguing and even getting into fights. IMO, they feel like they don't need to waste their time getting worked up for Michigan, and based on last night's game, they're probably right.