Inside Running Game

Submitted by Bluestreak on November 25th, 2012 at 8:30 PM

What's shocking to me is our inside running game is non-existent. I'm not sure what it is but for a coaching staff which preaches MANBALL, we are far away from it. I didn't see any production from Fitz or any of the other RBs against stout defenses.

Our playcalling has been dismal. This makes me wish for 3 yards and a cloud of dust all over again. It wasn't pretty but it worked.

Also, what will it take to not throw interceptions and lose fumbles. This game reminded me of the dark days.

With a fresh corp of OL next season, I'm very skeptical of where we will be at. No more Lewan who'll be drafted 1st round.



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Patience, patience, little man.  Control yourself, you know you can.  

We are getting better players to replace the people who are playing right now.  Our team will get better.


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We don't have the horses to run inside - at running back or on the offensive line.  WOTS is that Chris Bryant was our best drive blocker, so if he's healthy next year, that might alleviate some of those issues.  Because there weren't many holes, Toussaint started bouncing everything outside, and he's not fast enough to get to the outside every play; the same goes for Thomas Rawls.

Gardner is young and fairly inexperienced.  I actually think he did pretty well to limit himself to 1 interception per game.  After all, Denard threw 9 picks and didn't throw a pass after the second quarter of the Nebraska game; he also threw 15 last year.  I think things are headed in the right direction on that front.  And an improved running game would help on those play action passes.


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is that we'll have so many freshmen on offense next year. Sure they are all highly touted but the concerns remain.

Also, we really need Derrick Green or some bluechip RB to come in in this recruiting class. We've missed out on many in the past couple of recruiting classes.


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Unless there are surprise departures, we could literally have one freshmen playing next year (at one of the guard spots).  Lewan's departure could open the door for two.

Also, your concern about young guys playing next year has been addressed in post after post after post after post after post.


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Complaining about how crappy a group performed and then worrying about whether or not new guys can replace them is kind of a waste of time.

The worst case scenario is the ghost of Vincent Smith repeatedly lines up on 3rd and 1 and loses yardage.  We've been there.

The young guys seem to have a skillset better suited to the things we're going to be doing from here on out and they are actually going to get to practice doing those things all the time after Denard graduates.  And it isn't like the offense needs to be awesome (one TD drive in the 2nd half against ND, Nebraska, and OSU make for a very different season). 

I'm more worried about Fitz getting healthy and finding a suitable #2 than I am about the offensive line.


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How are we going to shore up the trenches?  Are we taking transfers now?  Will the Magic Drive Blocking OL Fairy wave her magic wand and *POOF* new manball OL.

We recruited 4 OL this year and have 4 in line for next year.  We recruited how many DL last year?  Trenches will be taken care of, but it can't happen over night.  The players are who they are, not what we want them to be.


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So if I understand your post you're upset because we can't run between the tackles with any effectiveness so your solution to our lack of an inside running game is we should revert to the old-school power running?

I think your premise has a few flaws in it.



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Haha my exact thoughts. The problem isn't that we are not runnin between the tackles, the problem is that we CAN'T run between the tackles....It would not help to try to run between the tackles more than we already do, because it would just result in more 0 yard gains.


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Molk was our All-American center last year, this year was 5th year senior never started a game at Michigan and was always a backup guard Elliot Mealer.  As Magnus said in another thread, he was good at snapping.  However from what I've seen, he was a pretty poor blocker, especially if you want to compare him with Molk.  He always seemed to get beat on the running plays, so we never really got anything going.  Which begs the question more of why we kept trying to pound the rock up the middle?


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The biggest difference from last year is definitely Molk.  However, I really think that it is not his blocking that we are missing most but rather his recognition and communication skills.  Communication and intelligence are two of the most important aspects of OL play.  With Molk gone there really isn't anyone on the interior who provides that kind of leadership.


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We're bringing back coach Frey? 

Interesting fact #1: we were 13th in the nation in rushing in 2010; Arizona is 15th this year

Interesting fact #2: SDSU has gotten steadily better in rushing with the departure of Borges and Funk: 48th in 2010; 30th in 2011; 16th in 2012.

But let's blame the personnel.  Obviously coaching only affects results on the defensive side of the ball.  When it comes to offense, you need four or more years to judge results, right?


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In a perfect world next year.....I would hope Lewan stays and hope Schofield continues to improve and your looking at Kalis/Bryant/Miller I would guess in the middle.

Cant think of any freshman that would start on the line next year.


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you all gone make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!!!!



seriously, this has got to stop.  I was as angry as every one was, but  going back to 3 yards and cloud of dust isn't the answer as much as firing your OC in his second year without his guys is...


If we learned anything during RichRod it was that when we don't support each other we become fodder for the wolves.  Right now, we need to back our team, disgruntled as we are, and take a wait and see approach about our future;  we have bowl practices and a bowl game to get ready for next year...