SD Larry

November 19th, 2017 at 7:32 PM ^

and had opportunities to get a bigger lead.  Hornibrook threw some major league dimes into tight coverage, and their receivers made good catches in tight coverage, so credit Wisconsin for that.  

Watching the hit on Peters several more times, its clear the linebacker lifted Peters by the waist after Peters had released the ball before driving his shoulder and head into the turf.  Won't say it was dirty, but would not ague it wasn't either.  I remember live thinking how unimpressed I was he was waving for help immediately after the hit, but of course that was before I realized how hurt Peters was. There was another big hit Brandon took earlier in the game for a sack.  Like others have said, OL really needs to improve pass protection. 

Between the injuries and youth, and being at Camp Randall, it says something that Michigan was outplaying Wisconsin until mid third quarter.  Higdon tried his best to play with an injured leg, and he is just a baller regardless of the sacksl

Love listening to Mo Hurst being interviewed.  He is a classy young man and I'm very proud he plays for Michigan.  Aubrey Solomon looked great on film.  DPJ ascending.  Always appreciate the player interviews in this show.



November 19th, 2017 at 8:32 PM ^

Wisconsin is really good at shoving players in the back and not getting called for it- on the punt return TD, and twice on the end around TD.

Maybe Michigan can learn how to get away this and use that this week.

Der Alte

November 20th, 2017 at 10:34 AM ^

I was in Madison Saturday, bundled up and watching the strong north wind stretch the stadium flags flat-out. The Wisconsin folks I encountered were for the most part good-natured; I did have some discussion with a couple young men wearing sweatshirts that advocated fornication with the State of Michigan. I asked exactly how that was supposed to work. They had no clue, but wore the sweatshirts proudly nonetheless.

The parties with whom I traveled to the game were mostly Wisconsin people. We differed on the long pass that was eventually ruled incomplete (good call) and the DPJ TD eventually ruled nonexistent (flagrantly bad call). And try though I did, I couldn't find any source --- media or otherwise --- willing to opine that Andy van Ginkel's hit on Brandon Peters was anything but legal. Still, it seemed unduly vicious to me. Brandon had released the ball --- van Ginkel could have taken him down without excessive force. It seems that happens to Tom Brady --- he gets sacked, but no one lays the lumber to him in a superhuman effort to make sure, like in Brandon's case, he stays sacked.

That hit was the one incident in the game that irked and continues to irk. Other than the "look what I found" punt return for a TD that had yackety-sax written all over it. Good teams simply do not let other teams score on them like that, nor do they let their QB get blindsided by an unblocked LB.

Now I'm waiting again for next year, but becoming increasingly concerned about the number of "next years" I have left to see this progam return to national prominence. Go Blue.