Inside Michigan Basketball Episode 15 FINAL EPISODE

Submitted by goblue16 on April 1st, 2014 at 11:27 PM

Our Michigan Wolverines ended the season as outright Big ten champs including a sweep of the Buckeyes and a 2-1 record vs MSU. The run ended in the tournament with a heartbreaking loss in the Elite-8. Episode covers the games against Kentucky and Tennessee. Great interviews with all the players including an emotional Jordan Morgan and Beileins message to the team after the loss. It was a fantastic season and i enjoyed every moment. Great run for team 97. Cant wait until November and the tipoff to team 98 (never thought i would ever say those words). Enjoy and as always GO BLUE!!!



April 1st, 2014 at 11:51 PM ^

I can't even deal with how good we could potentially be next year. The NBA Draft declare or stay period has quickly become one of the most nerve wracking times of the year for me.

I don't even know why I'm getting my hopes up that this means something good, but I can't help it. This Stauskas tweet from tonight probably means absolutely nothing one way or the other, but it's worth sharing. 

@NStauskas11: "This Block M is special man! #GoBlue"

#OneMoreYear? Please?

Even if Nik leaves, but Glenn and Mitch come back, I still think our next year's team has the potential to be the best team out of our past three years. And that is seriously saying something.


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I think this year's team was "lovable" due to the many stories and seeing these kids gave it their all.   There is not one game I felt they mailed it in or we were cheated on effort and as a fan that is all I ask for - go to your max potential and the chips will fall as they may.   A few times we were out played or guys like Yogi went all Lebron on us but that happens. Even Charlotte we just played bad - it's going to happen 2-3x in a year.

As for next year, *if* somehow Mitch and GR3 come back we return three upperclassmen potential first round 2015 picks.  That just doesn't happen in the NCAA anymore.  So even without Nik this is a top 3 team right off the bat.

Horford - Mitch - GR3 (at his correct position) - LeVert - Walton Jr

Subs (we had some!):  Donnal behind Horford/Mitch.... Irvin behind LeVert/GR3... Spike behind Walton Jr.... Chatman behind Irvin and our 9th man.  That's a pretty sick 9 and has us only relying on 1 true freshman - that;'s a massive change from recent history.  And it leaves guys like Doyle and DJ Wilson as redshirts, setting us up nicely for 2015-2016.  It has been a while since we actually had a core of starting upperclassmen with substantial skill with all these early entrees.


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This tweet makes me feel good, but yeah, we're both probably gonna be crushed.

Just for fun:

If Stauskas comes back (with McGary and/or GRIII), he would be the favorite to be the national POY, back-to-back B1G POY, back-to-back B1G Champs, quite possibly the preseason #1, and very likely a top-half lottery pick.  

I'm not saying he should or would, but I'm AM saying that if he does, he will set himself up to possibly being the greatest UM player in the history of the program - which is just insane to consider, and yeah, a lot of things would have to go right, but they are all completely possible.  That would be a hugh draw for anyone to consider.

And for all three of these guys, next year's draft will likely have the new NBA rules enforced which bump the age minimun to 20, taking out the one-and-done phenoms.  Next year's draft will be much weaker than recent drafts - they will all be much higher if they wait.

Do I sound desparate?  Yes, I am, I know.

Please Stauskas, for the sake of seeing #11 on a banner in the rafters of Crisler.