Insecure about Carlton Brundidge situation

Submitted by Maize Rage on November 12th, 2010 at 4:05 PM

Okay… I am starting to feel like a neurotic girlfriend, who just wants her man to ‘set a date’ so that she knows where this relationship is heading.

I feel like somehow something is ‘off’ about CBsituation. If he won’t sign until after his dad is back in town, that is fine; but, when is the date? Isn’t there some estimate about when he gets back to town?

There has been no statement from him recently, which also increases my insecurity.



November 12th, 2010 at 4:20 PM ^

Various reports I've seen have said that he'll sign in the next few days and is just waiting until his father is back in town as noted above. The early signing period runs through the 17th.

Here's an excerpt from an article from today that includes a quote from Burke that may allay your worries a bit.

Michigan is waiting on its official commitment from guard Carlton Brundidge from Southfield, which is supposed to come during the early signing period.


“Yeah, it’s going to be a tough backcourt,” Burke said of he and Brundidge earlier this week. “I played against The Family (Brundidge’s AAU team) a couple times, and we were going at it. We weren’t really guarding each other but he had 30, I had 30. Us two together is going to cause a lot of problems (for opponents).

“We’re just ready to get on the court together. We talked about it a lot when we were down at Michigan, that he could play the one, I could play the one. He could play the two, we could just switch off. Just, that’s about it.”


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Following recruiting I've often noticed that parental invovlement complicates things.  I don't at all mean that they shouldn't be involved.  I just mean that it gets that much harder to schedule a trip, an LOI signing, whatever, each time you add another person to the mix.  It seemed like Dee Hart's committment/visits were set back about a dozen times b/c his mom or dad couldn't make it to something...Anyway, I wouldn't worry (though I have no inside info).  It's easy to forget that we're talking about 18-year-old kids who still live at home and whose parents are a huge part of their lives...Really, it's good that he has a family that he's close enough with that he'd put off signing so that his dad could be there. 


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They're also more wise than 18 year old kids.  In almost every circumstace I'd choose to have the parents involved.  IE: parents would want there kids to go to UM while the kids might want to go to some school that is worse acedemically, but better in parties (I'm looking at you florida!).  If it were the parents making the decisions, almost every kid would come here (or Berkeley, etc.).


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CB has been committed since he was 3.  I don't believe he's taken any visits since he pulled out his binky and said Go Blue!  CB is one cat we don't have to worry about.  Now transfer all of your karma to convincing Amir Williams that Michigan is the place for him.


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That's why you always listen to the female weatherperson when a blizzard hits. She's not going to bullshit you about how many inches you're going to get.