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Submitted by SaddestTailgateEver on September 13th, 2014 at 12:42 AM

I plan to write another From the Student Section diary for tomorrow's game, so if there are any aspects of the student experience people want some commentary on, I'd love to hear about them so I can keep eyes/ears open at the game.

As a reward for feedback/ideas, here's a dancing Kermit:


His Dudeness

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Let me know if that dick is still wearing the Stanford hat like he was when I was a student in 2010. Nice support from the kids back in the RR days. Truly epic fandom.


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I am always confused the analysis of the "student section" on the website.  When I was in school I didn't wake up until 1130 AM on the weekends.  That could be why they are late to the early games.  Another reason why is they are actually studying for their classes.  I find it hilarious that people on this website forget that the students are there to get an EDUCATION.  Finally every normal student wants to go and party on a Friday.

For some reason I think the people who complain never actually went to AA, or have forgotten about the sleep, partying and studying part.

I am not to sure how many of the students even posters on this website, but I can bet its in the minority.

So what I am really saying is lay-off the kids.


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Is that what that meeting was? They told me it was book club focusing on 17th century French literature, so I went but found it very odd that, when I stood up to deliver my thoughts on "Tartuffe ou L'Imposteur", everyone seemed a little perplexed and acted like I was in the wrong place altogether. Hopefully, they've corrected the misleading language in the Student Guide by now. 


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Did you go to a premier D1 football school? I'm convinced by this you didn't and definitely did not go to Michigan. Football Saturdays are incredibly important to students. Some even take it easy Friday and those who don't still have no trouble getting up at 7am (or earlier) to resume drinking). Hell, before OSU 2003 (senior year) we didn't even go to bed Friday.

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Tells me a few things:

1. You didn't attend Michigan or some other school with a premier football program (yes, we still do, we are just going through an extended down period like ND did). Football Saturdays are special at Michigan and I can't remember many students wanting to sleep in and miss those.

2. You probably didn't have much fun in college. Sure, there are times when it is hard to get up in the morning but at 18-22, even after a long, alcohol filled night out, most kids can get up by 10, have a cup of coffee and bounce back pretty quickly, especially if they are about to go to a football game and drink some more.


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Cumong, there is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead. Even with lecture review, patient care, hours of nightly lab work, many other dental students and I were able to dust ourselves of and make the walk on our pilgrimage to the stadium and even pick up a pint and some marshmallows to enjoy and share during the game.
Home games in Ann Arbor are days like no other. Get your ass out of bed and walk around and smeel the air, soak up the sights, and immerse yourself in the spirit that is Michigan!

Now it is time to shower, have a Bloody Mary and head north to the Motherland.


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I admit it - I am old. Things have changed since my time at Michigan. Back in my day, we were a football power, had a heisman winner (Charles Woodson) and won the national championship. Hell, I am so old that back in my day, we regularly beat Ohio state.

So, as an older guy, I am not ashamed to admit that I have no idea what the hell yik yak is. Someone care to explain?


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I would like to learn about (from your perspective) the following:

1. Does the new GA system work?  While better than the debacle from last year is it working enough so you guys get to sit basciailly where you want/expect to sit with a minimum of hassle and time in line?

2. Is the student section (as a whole) as engaged in the game as year's past?  I'm not talking about the random sorority girl who's there to see and be seen but has the overall excitement level in the section itself diminished in your opinion. I'm sorry I don't know what year you are but unless you're a freshman it would be interesting to hear if the general malise that's gripped the alumni is starting to spread to the students.  Apathy is far worse than anger.

3. Is it fun?  At it's core attending football games MUST be fun for students want to do so.  Sorry - there isnt a requirement they go nor is their a moral imperative the stands are full.  They go for the same reason I used to go - it was FUN.  Now granted it was a hell of lot easier to have fun back in the late seventies when you could sit whereever the hell you wanted to and could bring a freaking pony keg into the stadium and light doobies with no hassles but still, the game itself must be fun.  Is it?

I appreciate you taking this project on.  I'll be interested to read your diary and hear your thoughts.


September 13th, 2014 at 10:54 AM ^

and play bullwinkle? (I don't remember them doing this during the Nebraska game last year, but I might have blocked it out.)

No TP, marshmallows and thermoses of hot chocolate and pepermint schnapps (or kegs before us) ... what do you guys do for fun these days? A least beach balls are still smuggled in ...

Have you taught the freshmen how to do the wave yet?