Injury Report (Darboh, Black, Shallman, Morris, Bryant)

Submitted by RakeFight on August 20th, 2013 at 8:11 PM

Not much information, but more than I think previously posted here.  In summary...

Amara Darboh WR - undisclosed injury during scrimmage on Saturday, has not practiced since. Unofficial reports of him in a boot around campus.

Jabreel Black DT - sat out Saturday's scrimmage with an undisclosed injury, and has not practiced this week.

Wyatt Shallman RB - not practicing due to undiclosed injury.

Shane Morris QB - sat out of scrimmage "as a precaution" with a finger injury... "could have gone."

Chris Bryant G - prior knee injury, back in practice.

That is all.



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I suffered an injury to my undisclosed in high school. Try getting a date after that. Of course it healed eventually and I thought it was great, what with all the new attention I got from girls. They were always asking to see it; I couldn't go to a party without having to pull out my undisclosed. Sad part is, the injury never hurt as bad as when I figured out that the girls weren't interested in me, most of them had just never seen a broken one before. They weren't flirting with me. No, they were laughing at me.


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Tenancy to starters or depth players we can't afford to lose. What's up with that? Eg Henson goes down before the opener and we start .... Was it Navarre. Ridiculous.


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Hard to know what happened to Jibreel Black, considering the impact of the Fort Schembechler lockdown policy.  But after watching HBO's Hard Knocks with the Bengals and seeing how Jibreel's brother Larry suffered a season-ending leg injury during a practice scrimmage, you'd have to hope that whatever Jibreel's injury might be, it will heal quickly and fully.

Mr. Yost

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QB: Gardner

2. Morris

3. Cleary


RB: Toussaint

2. Johnson

3. Rawls/Hayes (splits 3rd back role with Fitz...Hayes takes shotgun/"and medium" or "and long" situations...Fitz takes the rest of the 3rd downs when running is a threat)

5. Green/Smith


FB: Shallman

2. Houma


WR1: Gallon

2. Reynolds


WR: Darboh (out)

2. Chesson

3. Jackson


Slot: Dileo

2. Norfleet


LT: Lewan

2. Magnuson

3. Braden


LG: Braden/Bryant

2. Braden/Bryant

3. Glasgow

4. Burzynski


C: Miller

2. Glasgow


RG: Kalis

2. Bryant/Glasgow


RT: Schofield

2. Braden

3. Magnuson


WDE: Clark

2. Ojemudia

3. Charlton


NG: Washington

2. Pipkins

3. Ash


DT: Black (out)

2. Henry

3. Strobel


SDE: Heitzman

2. Wormley

3. Godin


WLB: Ross

2. Morgan

3. Jenkins-Stone


MLB: Morgan

2. Bolden

3. Ross


SLB: Gordon

2. Beyer

3. McCray


CB1: Countess

2. Avery

3. Hollowell


CB2: Taylor

2. Avery

3.  Hollowell


NB: Thomas

2. Avery


FS: Wilson

2. Avery

3. Thomas/Clark


SS: Gordon

2. Wilson

3. Hill




August 21st, 2013 at 8:37 AM ^

Looks like Glasgow is the second option at all of the interior line positions. That fact alone probably means he won't be the starting center -- even if he's somewhat better than Miller, he's too indispensible, with only Burzynski behind him.

I think this actually trumps the QB depth problem -- at least there you have a chance at a revelation with Morris.

Probably why they had Braden get his feet wet at guard -- they may need him.


August 21st, 2013 at 9:08 AM ^

Look at that injury report- with one gross exception, almost none of the injuries happened in games. Just as NFL teams are learning  that players are valuable and regular fully physical practices are bad for the team. It's a shame for learning, but the team should recognize a trade-off between teaching physicality and losing players. 

Somehow I doubt Hoke is gonna listen to me on this one. 

Doctor Wolverine

August 21st, 2013 at 10:20 AM ^

How do you know how physical Hoke's practices are compared to other teams? Have you been regularly attending the practices, as well as other team's practices? Do you have data to show that we have significantly more injuries than the national average? Do you have any evidence to substantiate your criticism, or are you just whining? I am not trying to be a jerk, but if you are going to be critical like that, you need to back it up...