Inferiority Complex

Submitted by ClevelandWolverine55 on October 17th, 2011 at 6:21 PM

I don't post on here much and I'm sure I'll get severly negged for this also does not help I'm form Ohio but nevertheless I need to get this off my chest. For those of you who keep posting that Spartan fan has an inferiority complex I just don't see it. They've beaten us four times in a row there is no need for them to feel inferior any longer. We are inferior to them right now and until we find a way to beat them we will continue to be so. They have better talent and clearly are more physical and take this rivalry much more seriously than our coaches ande players The only inferiority I see is from our fan base. All the whining about the late hits needs to stop it happened. Stuff like that happens in every game its football for god sakes. 

Also the thing that bothers me most is all of you asking for Wisconsin to crush Michigan State for us. That's not what Michigan does. We are better than that. That's the Michigan State of old  would do that and hope Ohio State would come beat us to make their pain feel a bit better. Michigan should never ever  take the position of looking for someone bigger and better to take care of  business that our team could not take care off. It sickens me I've never seen a teams fans whine and complain so much about a couple personal fouls in a football game its about as obnoxious to me as the personal fouls themselves. Go ahead and neg away and call me a troll but thats how I see it.

We still have a great shot and having a wonderful season and beat Ohio. I believe we should focus on that more than a couple late hits and Wisconsin handling our business. 



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It absolutely is present in football and that's the only relevant thing to his particular discussion.

Talking smack in the field of academics has always been incredibly douchey, in my opinion. People go to different schools and go into different programs for their own reasons. It's not as objective and black-and-white as sports is.

If blankly feel you are better than someone else because of what your degree is in and where it is from, you are tragically insecure.



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I will admit what I wrote was not the strongest piece of literary material you will ever read. My point is I believe when you go oh god I hope Wisconsin crushes those guys for us that is acting inferior because you couldn't do it yourself. I dont think it would be any different either if we didnt play in the same division as sparty. I still think you would all be singing the same tune. Michigan should never be a school that has to do that.


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Or it could be because, you know, we want Michigan back in the division race. If Wisconsin beats Sparty we're in a three way tie for first (with MSU currently holding the tiebreaker), if we root for MSU to win, we're rooting to make this season harder on Michigan. No Michigan fan should do that.

Whether or not we should root to win the division in a year where we need help is another story, but I'll be hoping Wilson puts up 500 yards on those fools next week.

Mitch Cumstein

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I think you're missing the point b/c most people here would want Wisconsin to beat up on MSU regardless of if we had won or lost the game.  I'm not sure why that is such a big deal. Its not like we're saying "oh Wisconsin come to our aid".   Do you think when we root against OSU every Saturday we're saying "team_X please beat OSU for us b/c we cant"?

Also, for the record (based on BRCE's post) I don't hold either degree that I mentioned in my post above. I just picked two random things that I was pretty sure we were better at than Sparty just to cover my ass in case MSU's program was actually better.  I think the point remains that MSU's inferiority complex has a lot to do with a large fraction of their student body not being admitted to UM.  I don't think you can ignore that like BRCE is suggesting. 


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Thank You. So many people on this site try to throw their intelligence around in reality they probably sit home on this site all day and gloat to themselves how many mgopoints they have. I come here to read good information about a team I love but occasionaly I see stuff that makes my blood boil and hoping Wisconsin will take care of business of something we could not qualifies. It wouldnt be any different if we were in a seperate division from Sparty you would all still be calling for it.

Maximinus Thrax

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Ummm...yeah, but ummm....their blogs suck!  TOC poste like one coherent piece of content every 2 days, and the fan posts are indicative of a 7th grade reading level, with topics guaranteed to please a drunken troglodyte.  RCMB seems like a bunch of MLive posters went out and huffed a bunch of gas and then started their own website.  MGoBlog has its share of imbeciles, but I am more often enlightened than embarassed by the content.  We have a nice, very active, group here.


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Your holier-than-thou attitude is almost sickening  Who do you think you are to prejudge other Michigan fans? I, for one, would love to see Michigan in the 1st B1G championship game, and for that sparty's loss would be quite nice. If you think you shouldn't root for Wiscy or anybody, don't. But do NOT force your nonsense reasoning to others. This is America, fergodsakes.



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Do you realize Wisconsin is in the other Big Ten division and MSU is in ours?  Wisconsin winning over MSU helps us in the division standings.


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It runs through much of the time these schools have been universities and it goes far beyond football. It can even be seen in obscure corners such as the government of the state of Michigan. Even though they have beaten us four straight years, the complex is alive and well in their fanbase. They want the world to know that their is another university in the state of Michigan worthy of the respect they see as typically going to the University Of Michigan. When they stop burning sofas and start winning with class, we can have this conversation about whether or not they are feeling inferior to Michigan. Clearly, they still do.


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1) We want Wiscy to beat MSU because it helps our standings in the Legends;

2) I've watched enough football to know that this was not typical football--this was blatant cheap shots that should not be tolerated by a coaching staff (coach-speak aside);

3) You're right that we need to take care of our own business;

4) I'd rather have a team that plays with class and control and, after a hard struggle, loses with dignity than a team that takes cheap shots and wins. I'm proud of this team, and I feel confident that Sparty should enjoy its success now, because it won't last long.


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Texas A&M once beat Texas 10 of 11 seasons in football (1984-1994) and I'm pretty sure their own "little brother" complex never went away.



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I hope Wisconsin beasts MSU 87-0...and I dont even care what it does for us in the divisional standings... I just hate MSU and wouldnt mind seeing them lose every single game for the rest of the season... 


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Can't we just lock the whole site for a couple weeks?  I kid, at least I have Six-Zero's Wife Day UFR to look forward to.  Are all these posters trolls?  Why do they come out of the woodwork in droves after an especially painful loss?  


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1) Good point.  Nothing that has happened in history is worth remembering.  The fact that we're still doubling MSU in total wins in the series is irrelevant.  Football should be purely "what have you done for me lately?" and whoever manages to beat you one year automatically becomes Voldemort the next.  I feel supremely inferior to Toledo, I'll tell you that.

2) The fact that there is still an inferiority complex on the part of MSU fans is what we're all marveling at.  They treat every victory against us like it's a national championship.

3) There is an enormous different between clean, hard-hitting football, and what happened on the field last Saturday.  Deliberate attempts to hurt Denard's neck, hurt Lewan's arm, and an actual thrown punch?  That is not football.  That is thuggery.  I would protest that even if it happened against OSU and not us.  That behavior cannot and should not be allowed, and I am infuriated that anyone would dare suggest that we're being "sore losers" by complaining about it.  It has nothing to do with wins and losses.  Football is dangerous enough without intentionally going out there attempting to injure players.


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The day of the game it was appropriate to talk about it, the day after there were (some) interesting discussions about it, now the 5 million+ threads about sparty all sound just like this:


Get over it already!


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Bullies bully because they feel badly about themselves and have a need to make others feel badly which temporarily makes them feel better about themselves. Beating us is a temporary band-aid for a program that can't understand why it has no national presence (how about being a dirty, low-class one for starters?) and who has to constantly hear about Michigan football and how great it is. It's pretty easy to see how MSU could have an inferiority complex. 


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seriously, it is now officially really, really old.  State kicked our ass, again.  Yes, it was hard to wake up Sunday.  Yes.  Yes.  Now, the legends division is still ours.  Let State treat this like the Superbowl.  MSU will get theirs.  Looking back on it, this was actually the first real test of our season.  The results should not be that surprising.  F it.  11-1 Baby.


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Is like the third game on our schedule that we would circle, and they are probably pissed that we don't consider them out biggest rivals like they do with us. Te inferiority complex exists because their students were rejected by Michigan and hold a grudge.


October 17th, 2011 at 7:31 PM ^

for the day we stop losing to that bush league program. Make no mistake, Saturday showed us we aren't back to where we once were (which is kinda where Wisconsin is now). But a "normal" Michigan team (i.e. prior to the last couple years) would have layed waste to even the current MSU squad. We'll get there soon enough though. Don't forget your own advice, Sparty. Pride comes before the fall. And near as I can tell, you guys are pretty prideful and arrogant right now.