Indiana People vs. Ohio People

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SIAP, but here's an eyebrow-raising excerpt from Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News comparing Indiana people to those from Ohio. 

"Wolverines-Boilermakers is merely the opener in a huge one-day clash between the neighboring states of Michigan and Indiana, a friendly, respectful border rivalry. It doesn’t quite garner the attention of the Michigan-Ohio spat, largely because Indiana people are proud, simple folk, while Ohio people are dolts with horrific behavioral issues."




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I was born and raised in Indiana. We lived about ten minutes from the Ohio line and went to Ohio on Sunday to purchase beer (no alcohol sales in Indiana on Sundays). I can say for a fact that the difference in how people treat each other and carry themselves in public is night and day. We almost always encountered someone acting like a total a-hole when in that deplorable state.


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and it wasn't a whole lot better than OSU. They trashed peoples tailgates while they were at the game and treated Michigan fans as bad as OSU did when I visited there, and they don't even have a pedigree. 

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I grew up 35 minutes from Purdue, went to Purdue, and wore Michigan clothes to every Michigan v Purdue sporting event I went to. Even Drew Brees was happy to joke with me about it when we had a summer class together.

Purdue students generally just want to be left alone so they can drown their misery in alcohol and fattening food. You would too if you lived in West Lafayette.

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That was true a long time ago. West Lafayette is becoming pretty affluent. You can tell because the high school there, while still be relatively small, is starting to be extremely competitive in the non-classed sports like cross country, tennis, and track.

So instead of meth, it's probably pain pills now.


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cities and campuses --- west lafayette is much better than columbus. the people are much better also.... been to football agmes at both never a problem at purdue but at ohio state--- someone shit on my hood the first time and key-jobbed and let the air out of tires the second.... now i rent a car in ohio to avoid that ---- what a bunch of assholes....


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I live in and love Ann Arbor, but until Michigan figures out how to pave its roads and keep those that are paved in good ondition, I'm not shitting on other surrounding states who have figured out something so basic.


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Most of my posts are appearing with nothing in the subject line or the text box. Anyone else have that problem? I have to post multiple times for text to appear.  This started a few weeks ago.


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Ohio’s fuel tax is nearly double Michigan’s, even after the recent increase (which just accounts for the past 20 years of inflation). When you have double the revenue coming in, you can do double the projects and improve the rod network. Michigan’s fuel tax doesn’t even allow road agencies enough money to maintain the current condition of their networks.

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I live in the northern Cincinnati suburbs and they do a remarkably shitty job of clearing I-75 even after the smallest of snowfalls. 

I have lived in 12 states in my life (I was in the military - we move around a lot), the last 11 years in Ohio. My wife and I both agree that the people in Ohio are generally the unfriendliest we've encountered to date.

We thought the people in Texas were the friendliest.