Incoming freshman QB was trained by Tate Forcier

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Was poking around facebook yesterday and found this.

Forcier runs QB FORCE Passing Academy.

Tristan Hughes is a preferred walk on QB.



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Kids do dumb things and grow up. Spoiled, dumb kids do more dumb things and grow up to be assholes. Forcier had more than just "being a kid" issues. He had hard, ingrained attitude and emotional issues.


Also, life isn't that hard. Being not-stupid is a super easy thing every person can do to make their life easier.


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We clearly have different outlooks on life. I agree that being stupid is easier. That does not mean that being not-stupid is difficult. It's an easy path to take in life and one that is apparent 95% of the time. 


Compounding Tate's stupidity was the fact that he had everything growing up. He had a good life. He had brothers that went through college ball before him. He had resources and mentors that many players that have come through Michigan - players that were worlds ahead of Tate in maturity and intelligence - did not. He didn't not have any excuse being the ass that he was.

Denard P. Woodson

July 12th, 2017 at 12:34 PM ^

I don’t presume to know your upbringing, but I can assure you, you did not have much less than I had growing up (because there wasn’t significantly less).

That being stated, be happy that you (or your parents) made it out from their economic station as not everyone can do it.  

Life is hard.  

The system simply isn’t made for EVERYONE to succeed, it couldn’t work that way.  It’s true that the lower you start, the lower your chances, but it’s not easy for 90% of people. 

If a kid is spoiled and does dumb things, why not respect and applaud his attempt to turn that around?  There’s far too little humanity in our society today.  Instead of bashing people forever for their dumb mistakes, why not encourage people to overcome them?

I grew up with many people who didn’t make it out.  It’s true that I rarely (relatively) went over the line and did less dumb things than some of my friends, but I did dodge some bullets.  Underage drinking, driving 100 MPH on city streets (not while drinking), being at the wrong party at 2 AM when other friends didn’t ever make it home and spending time with “questionable” girls are all instances of youthful actions that could have really cost me, but didn’t.

As we look out from the heights we reach in life, I would like our society better if less people yell insults down at those below them and if more people encourage others to keep trying to climb. 


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If you know him personally, I think you shouldn't be calling him out on the Internet, but whatever, it happens.

If you do not know him (and it sounds like you don't, at least not recently) you're making a lot of assumptions about him, based on the small parts of his behavior which were reported on seven years ago. We know he said some cocky things and did some dumb things which eventually got him kicked off the team and out of football entirely a short time later. Kids do that sometimes, it's way overboard to diagnose attitude and emotional problems from that.

STW P. Brabbs

July 12th, 2017 at 12:23 PM ^

Regardless of the family income (do we actually know if the Forciers were rich?), it always seemed to me that Tate was raised by a near-sociopathic helicopter dad.  A helicopter dad so lacking in self-awareness that he had his Raised from Birth to Be a QB kid trained by Marv fucking Marinovich.  I'd imagine that probably had a lot to do with his immaturity and stupid decisions at school.  I don't envy his upbrining one bit.  

All that notwithstanding, you really make yourself sound like an asshole for acting like you know exactly what's wrong with Tate Forcier as a human being--and can condemn him for etnernity because of his behavior as an undergrad--just because you're a fan of his former football team and you read a fucking blog about it. 


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Meh. There can be a middle ground here. No one is suggesting Forcier spend the rest of his life apologizing for what he did as a 20 year old, they're just bagging on him for blowing a lot of talent with his lack of maturity. And the fact that he did so is nearly undeniable... 

Yost Ghost

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MLM does not necessarily mean pyramid. Pyramid schemes are illegal and there are many examples of MLM companies that are totally legit. Ever heard of Amway? Right in our backyard of Grand Rapids.

Yost Ghost

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By that loose definition most organizations are pyramids. One person at the top makes the most money and has the power over others below them.

Scams are illegal:



noun: scam; plural noun: scams
  1. 1.
    a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
    "an insurance scam"
    synonyms: fraudswindle, fraudulent scheme, rackettrick;

Amway is not a scam.

I'm not an Amway distributor and I don't think their brand of marketing and distribution is as effective as more traditional methods but you can't say that Amway is a scam.


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QB strengths:

- reading cover 0
- self confidence
- occasional superhuman powers

QB weaknesses:

- attitude
- study habits
- long term fit for position
- uncontrolled hatred for Denard Robinson