Important Rich Rod Updates

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Stop making constant dumb ass board topics multiple times a day for every 3 star commit Arizona gets, especially when Michigan isn't even interested.

Also I am well aware of the hypocrisy of creating a board topic complaining about other board topics. But at least this topic concerns material relevent to the MGoBoard, unlike Arizona Wildcat posts.



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You don't care.

Others do.

Skip it if you don't like it.

Right now I see posts about Scot Loeffler (who was a career backup) and the Indianapolis Colts (who were never Michigan Wolverines).  You can deal with a post about Rodriguez once in a while.


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i don't think anyone posts topics because richrod is soooo important.  but, the fact is there are some of us who want to see what he will do given a chance to succeed.  obviously, that didn't happen here.  i'll say it again.  RR will have a national title before Hoke does.  

death by trident

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I'm not a Tigers fan, so I typically do not click on the Tigers links.  Ignored.

I'm not a Lions fans, so I usually do not click those links either.  Ignored.

I get my Colts news elsewhere not from here so those go ignored.

I have learned my lesson about twitter and the evil it can be, so I wait for my news like an old dude on the porch sippin lemonade.  The twitter posts about what some recruit said in a cryptic fashion?  Yeah, put them on the same ignore pile.


What do all these things have in common?  Simple.  I don't write a post telling people where they can post all of the above information.  I just skip past it and don't read it.  Does this mean that no one reads it?  No.  There are usually loads of replies to these topics.  Some people like to read them, some don't.  So telling people where they can post something that has some relevance to the University of Michigan sports world on a board littered with so many non University of Michigan sports topics - seems a tad absurd to me.


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it woud mean the only place he was not successful was Michigan.  The implications of that are significant.  So, I'm interested in following how he does.  Personally, I feel that his failure here was due to a number of factors, some of which he could not control.

J. Lichty

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at another school.  This soon into the post RR era, it is interesting to some of us to see how and whether he rebounds, whether he repeats some of the same mistakes that he made at M (he got Casteel which is a huge improvement right there).  I think also Three and Out increases the interest in Rich Rods journey.

While I dont really care about every recruit he gets, I am interested to see how his sales pitch goes over at a non-traditional football power, who he recruits to run his offense, and whether he can actually put out a team with a defensive clue.

Some of us probably want to see what is happening because we want to see him fail -- need to see him fail-- so that your hatred of him and how he took a team that just the year before lost to Appalachian State to a losing recod. 

While some of us probably want to see what is happening because we want to see him succeed because think that he got a raw deal at Michigan and that if only we were allowed to play the game on offense and if only Lloyd Carr had carried down the tunnel on his shoulders while dragging Michael Rosenberg on a leash while kicking him, Rich Rod would have won 4 consecutive national championships in a three year period.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle of that, but it is still part of our recent history.


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I agree with your post completely, and don't mean to nitpick, but RR isn't the only former M coach to go on to coach at another school. Now, probably nobody reading this can remember the last time (I'm guessing they would have had to be born into an M family no later than 1930), but it has happened.

Weiman became head coach at Princeton in 1939, and George Little became head coach at Wisconsin in 1925. Before Yost, there were others, but I don't think the fanbase cares much.