Illinois stuns Indiana

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Illinois ends the game on a huge 13-2 run to defeat #1 Indiana, making a lay-up off of an inbounds play with .5 seconds left.  Thought this deserved its own thread for the people who weren't following the Thursday night thread, and for a possible posbang to see Tom Crean and Home Depot eat it. 



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I'm not superstitious about the #1 position, I just think there are 5 teams capable of being the best team in the country on any given night. There just isn't a clear-cut dominating team this year. This is going to be one of the most exciting NCAA tournaments in a while and not just because Michigan has an incredibly realistic chance to cut down the nets (although it sure helps).


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I absolutely love half of the reactions in this thread.  "I don't even wanna be #1 again!  That's asking to be knocked off!  How frustrating would that be?!"

If you were to tell any Michigan basketball fan at the beginning of last season that we would be having this conversation, they'd laugh at us.  It's crazy to see how far they've come to toy around with the question: "We're #1 again, is that a good thing?"


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This helps us in the conference race. And technically, this was Indiana's easiest remaining road game. They have to go to OSU, to Minnesota, to MSU and to Crisler. Tom Creen is going to learn that not facing a ranked team on the road until the second week of February has it's drawbacks.

We take care of business at home and hopefully steal at least one road game against MSU or Wisconsin and we're in perfect position for the B1G title. But MSU needs to lose a game or two to give us some breathing room.


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thing during the game where one could text in who they thought the best sixth man in the country was. I vocalized "McGary" to no one in paricular since I was alone in my garage at the time. Didnt see if he was an option or not.


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I feel that the college game is truly a guard's game. Especially in the tourney. The guards can do so much more to determine the pace of a game. Like push the tempo on the break. Slow down the other team by applying an annoying press. Distribute the ball and make his teammates better. Generate his own offense off of the dribble.

Don't get me wrong. Big men are important. They get rebounds and score in the paint. Some even lead their team in scoring. But they rarely decide the game like guards do.

If IU were down by 1 with 10 sec left, who gets the ball, Oladipo or Zeller?


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That clown has been a Michigan hater since the Fab 5.  You kinda lose all credibility when you ignore a team's performance and base your "rankings" on your own bizarre evaluation of a team's bigs.  I hate that fucking guy.  If the networks wanted to really screw with Michigan fans, they could have Bill Walton & Dick Vitale call the Michigan v. MSU game with Ted Valentine and Ed Hightower.

M Wolve

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Go check out @champaign_room on twitter.  He's cracked; fallen madly in love with Tyler Griffey, as well as everyone else.  Hilarious stuff.