Illinois receiver LaQuon Treadwell enjoying being recruited by Michigan

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Sam Webb write up...

I wish he would commit already but hey, as long as he is enjoying the experience I cannot complain.



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I find it kind of interesting that the spread is a plus for him.  For years it was the prostlye offenses that drew the best WRs.  

Zone Left

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Shane Morris is a pretty athletic kid, but Treadwell being recruited for a passing spread/pro style offense (which is basically becoming a passing spread). Good receivers can put up absurd numbers in those systems and there isn't the stigma that used to be placed on those type of players.


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Some spreads emphasize the passing game and getting the WR's involved more, see Okie St and Brian Kelly's offenses. The big issue with the spread is when the spread offense is more of a running based offensive scheme. When Arnett made that comment about the spread he was referring to RR's version of the spread which was heavily run-based. Although he passed more at Michigan, I think he ran the ball around 70% of the time at WV. Just depends on the offense. Also, the spread can play a more uptempo form of the game speeding the game up. Makes more possessions in the game which gives WRs more opportunities to make plays.


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Its getting depressing coming down to the wire on some of these great skilled postion players and then losing out on them. Damn, you have monsters in front of you, the next Joe Montana throwing to you, whats the problem?

Jack Daniels

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Has he visited Oklahoma and Oklahoma State yet? I'd feel a lot better about our chances if they are the main competition, which would mean Ohio State is not in his top 3


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I just can't put my heart into this recruitment. I hope he chooses us but I've been left at the alter too many times by "Michigan leans". We will just wait and see.


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He just graduated and is getting ready to play his last year of college ball. Commence arguing about character, rejoicing, speculation and everything else. Go!


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I've got a good feeling about Michigan's chances with Treadwell. When Smith committed, Green was on campus, and Isaac's reaction to there being only one spot left for a RB was to go visit USC, twice. When York committed, Treadwell's reaction was to shorten his time table and spend a weekend on campus with his potential future QB. They say an interview is over in the first five minutes. The rest of the time is spent confirming the first impression. I went to Michigan out of state, and I vividly remember the first time I was on campus. I loved it, went home and spent the next few months doing more school research so I could dig up more and more evidence to support my initial gut feel. I don't know why it'd be any different for recruits. That's why reaction to a numbers crunch is very telling (for recruits and fans alike). It's can force you to imagine how you'd feel if someone else committed first and took your spot. Like thinking about the girl you'd kinda like to ask to the prom getting asked out by someone else first. If it sparks some jealousy, you know you like her, if not, move on.

4th and short

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Did anyone else find it interesting when he said he was getting us  to haging out with the other michigan commits? You only have to get use to something you intend on continuing to do. 


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Inverse ratio on this site between pre-commitment hype and UM commitment.  I'm done reading recruit threads for at least 2 years until we actually start winning some of these Garnett, Pryor, Dunn, Isaac, Levenberry, Diamond situations. 


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For MgoBlog purposes, I propose renaming May to Meh. Seriously though, nothing against the OP but things be boring 'round here lately.