Illinois Head Coach Beckman Trying to "Plug" His Troubles; NCAA Violation to Be Reported

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It's a shame when the pressures of B1G Ten football induce a head coach to commit an NCAA violation. It's a double shame when the violation involves a serious health hazard to that same coach. Tim Beckman, head coach of Michigan's next opponent, Illinois, succumbed to his nicotine craving during Saturday's loss to Wisconsin. He was caught on camera using chewing tobacco and the school wiii be reporting the violation to the NCAA, per US Today. Link:… Let's hope the media do not focus in on this sad circumstance as a distraction from the upcoming Michigan-Illinois game.



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Not chewing during a game is difficult to do, especially if you're severely addicted to nicotine. Non-users won't understand, but chewing on the field is like pizza&beer, Jack&Coke, and hug&a kiss. BTW, Lloyd used to chew during games too, before he was a head coach (as did a bunch of coaches).

I've been chewing for a LONG time. Too long. I've just recently switched to Mint Snuff, a non-tabacco/non-nicotine alternative. I wonder what the NCAA would say about that?


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Not _____ing during a game is difficult if you're addicted to ______.

No offense to you (and congrats on the switch - keep it up), but the best way to avoid getting addicted to something is not to start in the first place.  I don't have any sympathy for people who get addicted to tobacco, other drugs, or alcohol.  It's a stupid decision when people get hooked on those things, and then they pay for their mistakes later.


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Good for you for being ultra strong in your convictions.  Some of us, however, are pre-disposed to addictions (coming from a long family line of addicted nicotine and/or alcohol users).  Normally I read your contributions with interest, but in this case, you can take your holier than thou BS and shove it up your ass.


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 I've had fellow coaches dip.  And then I've found out that some of my players are doing it and I try to warn them off it.  You know what their response is?  "Well, Coach _______ does it."  And I have no response, because some of my fellow coaches aren't being good role models, and I can't exactly demean my colleague.  So I've seen its effects on younger people, and I know that nothing good comes from it.

Like I said, good for you for weaning yourself off the tobacco.  That's a step in the right direction toward becoming healthier and a better role model for the next generation.

M Go Snacks

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Everybody has addictions. Just because yours aren't as noticeable or detrimental as drugs and alcohol doesn't mean they're not there. To say you have "no sympathy" for millions of people suffering with addiction and that they're all stupid is unbelievably insensitive, judgmental, and does nobody any good.


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Except for a very small minority, you don't "suffer from" addiction.  You choose it.

People who chew tobacco don't "suffer from" mouth cancer.  They get it because of their choices.  Just like most people don't "suffer from" obesity.  They're fat because they eat too much and/or don't exercise.*

This is the last I'm going to say on the subject, because I've said what I have to say.

*Obviously, there are some people who are obese, addicted, etc. due to reasons beyond their control. Those are in the minority, though.


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Damn "Swiftkey" keyboard and its incorrect word recommendations.  To show my devotion to proper grammar, after I posted on my smartphone app, I had to open up MGoBlog on the web and edit the post (as the app doesn't allow editing).  Correcting the incorrect "you're" became top priority. 


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is an ncaa violation. Other than that, there is no reason to talk about it. This is an example of why I stopped reading USA Today. They broke the story. They don't report news, they report sensationalized stories about people.


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This post actually angers me. While tobacco is against the rules and chewing is gross, I really don't give a shit. Why is this scuba big deal?

OP why do you post like this is such a tragedy and a shame? It's not a big deal at all.


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I'd probably feel like throwing a digger in too if my team was playing that terribly...

JK.. the baccy is absolutely disgusting, and it makes me nauseous even thinking about that garbage...