Illini first B1G to snag a PSU transfer

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Nowicki, OL, is from Chicago so it makes sense to go to in-state school, but so much for BIG coaches poaching current players.  I think Beckman mentioned he wouldn't hesitate to take a PSU player, but does this open the door for other BIG coaches or is this it?  Do you think Beckman called O'Brien?…



Edit:  I guess he came from AZ but spent early years in Chicago, so technically not in-state.


Phil Brickma

August 7th, 2012 at 1:00 PM ^

Beckman seems pretty desperate for talent. His remarks at the B1G media days stood out compared to most coaches that backed away from poaching players from another team in their conference who already will be decimated by infractions.

Yes, you can make your team better by adding better players, but, like Hoke said, it has drawbacks, especially chemistry issues.

It makes more sense for middle-of-the-pack teams to try to snag some players, but I wouldn't expect to see the top teams make any moves for PSU players.


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As I recall, he mentioned that he had in fact contacted Bill O'Brien to discuss potential transfers, at least honoring O'Brien's request that he should be consulted first despite the fact that no team had to do that. I believe that Tim Beckman even said that Illinois had approached Penn State with a list of coaches that would be going to State College as well, although I assume that, if they indeed did this, that memo would have come from their compliance office or AD. He was very circumspect about the affair beyond that.  

snarling wolverine

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I'm glad that we don't seem to be going after their current players, because that seems a little shady.  But if one of their guys wants out, I guess it's good that someone else in the conference - particularly in their division - is getting him.  We may need Illinois to step it up to balance out PSU's inevitable decline.


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Using the word "Poaching" makes it sound more shady.  But many complain that the transfer rules for players are very restrictive, and then when they're made less so, we say we should restrict ourselves from taking the transfers (thus giving the players fewer options)?  I'm sure there are reasonable arguments against taking players, especially for one year, just before the school year starts, and I'm sure there are shady ways to go about getting the players to come to you school (although Beckman seems more tacky than shady), but I don't think there is inherently bad about it.  I'm neither pleased nor displeased that we didn't wind up with anyone (although I admit I wish we had gotten the senior WR who wound up at Oklahoma.)


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I thought I read that once practice starts, a player would have to sit out a year if he practices with the team but then leaves PSU.

I have no problem with BIG schools taking PSU players. Why shouldn't our conference keep our own guys? It will be painful if Redd runs all over a BIG team in the Rose Bowl this year. At least it won't be Michigan since we are Title game bound!!


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So true. I've had a bunch of my SC friends telling me ow Redd is going to put them over the top, and then I ask them why they think the guy who was the fifth best RB in the Big Ten last year is going to hit campus as a star. He had 1200 yards because he got tons of touches, and missed the two best run defenses in the conference, us and MSU. He still only had 7 TDs.


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He had a year a lot like Fitz did last year.  Didn't really become the go-to guy until midseason (didn't get more than 7 carries in a game until week 6) but then still put up a 1,000 yard season.  His last 6 games he put up 118 @ND, 145 vs. Stanford, 87 @Colorado (on just 10 carries), 148 vs. Washington, 94 @Oregon, and 124 vs. UCLA (on just 12 carries).

I'd be very surprised if Redd is more productive.


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The points on this post are 1 pos and 4 neg. (as of this comment)

My guess is that this is because people are downvoting the topic of the post, not the post itself. But I may be wrong. Anyone who negged it want to share why?  I think it's a quality, informative post. Even if it is about B1G coaches taking players from other B1G schools, which is odious. I don't have any judgements on the point-givers, I'm just curious.

And the points don't count anyway, right?


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People on this blog are annoying as shit. They start more drama on this thing than jersey shore. It's rare these days to look at posts in a thread without someone being cocky and trippin about how they mispelled something or they don't like their opinion.. Get lifes you ass holes some of actually just care about discussing UM sports


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Apparently when PSU was leaving to the airport to go to the Big Ten media days, several Illinois coaches made their trip to State College. I think they even passed each other in the airport.

Seemed shady and unbelievable to me but I heard it directly from current Michigan football staff members.


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Seeing how many coaches Illinois sent to State College to try and snag some transfers, you had to think they would get at least one eventually.  How does that phrase go again....Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while?