Ignas Brazdeikis Nike Hoops Summit statistics

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Team World had a rare win over Team USA - does not happen often.

Brazdeikis played the 7th most minutes (12) on Team World.  He was 5th in points (9), 5th in rebounds (4), and 3rd in assists (3).

Although on the losing team, the most impressive was Bol Bol imo.  I have seen a bit of his video feeds, and i was never impressed.  In this game against some of the best, he really impressed me.  12 points, 14 boards and 6 blocks. If he can get stronger (and play stronger, not soft) he could be a beast.  

If your into efficient basketball, this sucked.  Team World shot 41% in the win, USA shot 39%.  Amazing athletes though.



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Iggy looks like a good player but he was a tad bit out of control a few times in that game. You can tell the kid has skills, but I’m sure Beilein will try to coach that out of his game.


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and highly sought after. He can shoot, defend and rebound. He's rail thin but has great timing on blocked shots. He's way better than his dad, Maute Bol. It's going to be interesting to see how he'll fare against small ball offense.

Bol can play down in the post or step out to shoot 3s which is essential if you're a big. It will allow Oregon to play 5 out offense if they wanted to.


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I don't think this is worthy of it's own post, but Ace tweeted out the final updated Rivals basketball rankings and a few of our boys saw some major jumps:

Brandon Johns jumped 8 spots to #57

Colin Castleton jumped 42 spots to #85

David Dejulius jumped 36 spots to #93

Rivals didn't rank Iggy Brazdeikis (because he doesn't play in the US...stupid) but they have called him a 5-star so he'd fall somewhere in the top 30 were he to be ranked.

4 top 100 players and a sniper in Nunez? Yes, please.


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I think Ignas will be great but I think this game showed the need to pump the brakes in terms of this blogs enthusiasm about him being an immediate game changing contributor. Its incredibly rare for a non elite one and done next year in the nba to have a sustainable impact as a true freshman.

Ignas is likely going to be used like Poole was this year which is an offensive spark plug off the bench that isn't consistent enough, especially on defense to be playing massive minutes. He'll show glances of being great and the sophmore year leap but because I don't expect him, Johns or Castleton to be an immediate game changer I see 2020 rather than 2019 as the year we break through.  Looking at our offense next year and the amount we will have to rely on true freshman to be shot creators and I'm thinking a top 4 big ten finish with a sweet 16 would be an incredible season with more likely a 4-6 position and round of 32 loss as my prediction.

MI Expat NY

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I'm not sure if you're exaggerating what people are expecting of Iggy or underestimating what freshmen can be expected to contribute, but I think expectations for him are very reasonable.  A sixth man type game, providing 25 minutes or so as a flexible wing/SG whose main contribution seems likely to be offensive punch.  I don't think anyone is suggesting he'll give us 17 a game, and be first team all big ten.  But it seems perfectly reasonable to expect him to replace Robinson's contributions, with potential plus side.

You don't have to be an elite, obvious one-and-done recruit to have an immediate impact.  Iggy would certainly be in 247 composite's top 40 if him being Canadian wasn't throwing off the system.  And if you look at guys between 20 and 50 (just outside of the obvious one and dones) from last year's rankings, I bet you'll find a lot more guys that contributed more than Poole did last year.  There's obviously no guarantee that any of the incoming fresshmen will be solid contributors, but the odds are that a couple of them will be.  


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is probably optimistic, as I think he'd be more in the 15-20 range, at most.  We have returning starters at his two best-fit positions: 3 and 4.  Even Poole this year rarely climbed above 15 min in a game.

I agree that he should be a very good offensive player and 6th man off the bench. Don't think he'll play a majority of minutes.

The comprehensive list of freshmen that have played more than 50% of minutes in the last 7 seasons: Walton '14, Stauskas '13, GR3 '13 and Trey Burke '12.  None of them even had any competition at their respective spots (except Walton from Spike), let alone from returning starters.

MI Expat NY

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You may be right, may be more like 20.  Point I was making was that I don't think anyone was expecting him to come in and have Stauskas/GRIII/THJ levels of playing time and usage.  Though, I do think that there is at least a possibility that Iggy or Johns could usurp Livers' role. 

I will say that it is reasonable to expect Iggy to be closer to the level of Stauskas/GRIII/THJ as a freshman than say, Zak Irvin.  And if so, they may try and figure out a way to get him an extra few minutes here or there through flexible linups.  Which, I think our strength at the wings would allow us to do, such as going with some small ball lineups (Johns or Livers at 5) and "big" lineups with Iggy at SG.  We certainly won't know exactly how it is going to play out, but given the loss of Wagner, MAAR, and Robinson, there are going to be a good chunk of minutes to be handed out.  Poole, Livers, and Teske/Davis won't be able to take all of them.   


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The wildcard is whether we put Livers out there at the 5 in small ball lineups. If we do that to get a shooting 5 on the floor, it could open up more minutes for Iggy at the 4 and would be his path to 20 a game.  After what Nova did this year, with M not having a reliable backup 5, and with Livers beefy enough to guard most 5s, I actually wouldn't be that shocked to see us play small ball that way against certain teams.

FWIW, freshman Irvin and freshman Stauskas were very similar players.  Lights out Just A Shooters that didn't do much else. Stauskas got twice as many minutes because there was no one else competing for wing spots other than freshman Caris Levert who was 160 lbs wet.

Irvin had to play behind Sophomore Stauskas and Sophomore Levert who were both excellent. Iggy is going to face a bit of that in trying to find minutes.  Good problem to have.


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Compared to guys like RJ Barrett, Quentin Grimes, Bol Bol, & Darius Garland(all participated in the Nike Hoop Summit) you can definitely see he’s not quite a top 10-15 recruit. However, he has talent and will not be relied upon like most of them will be on their new squads. Iggy will be a bench contributor at least for the start of the year and ease his way into a bigger role later in the year.


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Iggy, offensively, could very well be a one and done on another team/environment.  Offensively, he is an elite scorer.  Hes really, really good. 

IMO, what will set him back is defense.  He is not the greatest D player and it will take time for him to 'get it' at Michigan, imo, therefore limiting his minutes.

But offensively, the kid is a stud.  He has a lot of Jalen Brunson in his game in this burrowing to the basket creating contact thus creating space.  Hes an extremely solid, well build freshmen that physically looks like an upperclassmen.  

I just want to see way, way better effort on the defensive end.  

Wilton Speight

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Ignas is 19 so he is a little older than most freshman. Plus he has the advantage of having played Oak Hill and other high level competition in high school. I think he will contribute but not likely that he'd go pro after just one year. I think he will have more of a role in our offense than Poole did this year. But you never know how things pan out once the season starts. 


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I'm rooting hard for the guy. My Dad went to school in Orangeville, and I still have family in Caledon just outside of the Orangeville/Mono area. 

Interestingly, Michigan Hockey suffered a series of postseason disappointments in the 90s, and the team that broke through in 1996 was captained by Steve Halko, from Bolton (where my Dad lived), 30 km down the road. 

Perhaps Iggy can help prompt a breakthrough of similar fashion.


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Him and Johns will be very solid from the get go . 9 pts In 12 mins is very solid ! Give him Bol Bol’a minutes and would have showed more . I have watched so many videos of him . His jr year vs a loaded oak hill club shows what he can do against really good bigs

Eastside Maize

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Good showing by Iggy. He can finish in traffic and with either hand. With us being so young, I wish this was the year we went barnstorming through Europe. That time would’ve been invaluable.


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I watched the game in person and thought RJ Barrett looked far and away better than anyone else on the court. He was a man amongst boys.

I was shocked at the lack of actual shooting skills on display. Darius Garland stood out as a shooter (how is he going to Vanderbuilt).

Iggy showed well and was just a couple rim outs away from having a more impressive statline. He even flashed some nice on ball defense!


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It was like that on TV too! I was sitting at home thinking “Damn, if we somehow won the RJ Barrett recruitment, we would easily be the favorites next season” that kid has superstar written all over him. He was CLEARLY the best player on the floor that night!

As far as Garland, they mentioned on the broadcast that he and his family had knew Bryce Drew since he was a kid and once Drew got the job at Vandy, he made Darius a priority.